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What is a can of corn in baseball?

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A 'can of corn' is a high fly ball to an outfielder that is caught easily and routinely. High Pop Fly Ball

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Q: What is a can of corn in baseball?
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What is a can of corn in a baseball talk?

an easy catch

What is the name of Nebraska's baseball team?

The Nebraska Corn Huskers

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In baseball what does can of corn mean?

The term "Can of Corn" is a phraise used to describe a softly hit baseball, as it could easily be caught. The term originated as a customer would ask a grocery clerk for a can of corn the store clerk would grab a can from the top of a stack of cans, and would softly toss the can down to be caught without harm.

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What does the term can of corn mean in baseball?

A "can of corn" in base ball is when someone catches a pop-up ball. The can of corn got its name back when merchants always used to put cans of corn up on the top shelf (reason unknown) and they had to use something to knock it down and then they caught it. True story.

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Where did can of corn in baseball come from?

It's been around for over a hundred years, and no one is exactly sure. The prevailing theory is that it's because it's as easy to catch as a can of corn falling from a grocery shelf.