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A capsule is a delivery device for medication that has an outer coating that can be opened by pulling the capsule apart.

A time capsule contains special items that tell us about the people and events of a certain period.

A space capsule holds astronauts and protects them as they ascend and descend through Earth's atmospheric layers.

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A capsule is a pill that has a plastic outer coating that can be opened by pulling the pill apart.

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What is mucoflux capsule?

mucoflux capsule

What is the difference between external capsule and extreme capsule?

external capsule : it separates claustrum from putamenextereme capsule : it separates calustrum from insula

Is temazepam 30mg a tablet or a capsule?


What is a sentence with capsule?

The astronauts are about to exit the capsule.

How do you spell capsule?

Capsule is the correct spelling.

What is the name of the Apollo capsule?

The name of Apollo capsule is clearly Apollo Capsule, have a nice day.

Does Citrobacter freundii have a capsule?

Citrobacter freundii does not have a capsule.

What is a cyanide capsule?

Its a capsule that contains cyanide inside of it.

What are the results for a capsule stain for alcaligenes faecalis?

It does not have a capsule

How do you say the word time capsule?

time capsule

What is the color of the capsule in the capsule stain?

its red & yellow.

What is peanut capsule?

The peanut capsule is the skin of peanut

Is this capsule been illegal to carry?

No capsule listed

Can you open capsule of modified release dipridymole?

Can I open capsule of modified releasedipridymole and swallow it without the capsule?

Can you give a sentence that has the word capsule?

I made a time capsule. It's a capsule that you swallow just like a pill.

How do you get the capsule out on Poptropica?

to get the capsule out you need to press the yellow button

Does bacillus subtilis have a capsule?

Yes it does have a capsule. Most Bacillus do.

Can taking one capsule affect your pregnancy?

It depends what is in the capsule.

What does the glomerular capsule surround?

The glomerular capsule surrounds the glomerulus.

Does clostridium tetani have a capsule?

all chemicals and staining techniques shwoed that Clostridium have structure like capsule but not real capsule

What ithe name of the capsule of the kidneys that encloses this bundle?

The Bowman's capsule or glomerular capsule if you're talking about the glomerulus bundle

Is there a such thing as a capsule bowel loop?

No such thing as a capsule bowel loop. However there is capsule endoscopy used to investigate the bowels

Does a micrococcus luteus is positive for capsule stain?

yes as it have capsule it give positive test for capsule staining when stain with malachite green The problem with the above answer is that a capsule stain is NOT done with malachite green.

How do you pull the capsule out of the ground in poptropica?

you can pull the capsule by pressing the capsule then lifting it up. after you lift it the capsule ( of course it will not be completely pulled), press themiddle of it. when i say middle, i mean the gold thing

How long does it take a capsule to return to earth from earth orbit?

depends on how big your capsule is, if you have a small capsule, it should take about 3 hours, if you have a big capsule, it should take about 3 hours.