What is a carrier access code?

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A carrier access code is a code that allows a person to access the switch service of a carrier. This is achieved by entering a seven digit code on a phone or keyboard.

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Q: What is a carrier access code?
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Related questions

What number do you use for an carrier access code?

In the United States, a carrier access code is a 7-digit prefix in the range of 1010000 through 1019999 that allows you to select a long-distance carrier different from your default selection for a particular call. You dial the carrier access code immediately before 1 + area code + number or 011 + country code + city code + number.

What is the carrier code for hapag Lloyd?

Hapag-lloyd carrier code : 9381

What is the carrier code for EasyJet airlines?

EasyJet's ICAO code is EZY. The IATA carrier code is U2.

What is a feature code for the webkinz pet carrier?

When you buy a pet carrier, it comes with a code that you can use in the code shop.

What number do you dial to call America from south Korea?

Dial the international access prefix for your carrier, followed by the country code '1', the 3-digit area code, and the 7-digit local number. The prefix depends on your carrier in Korea, but it looks like 00X, 003XX, or 007XX.

What is the access code to get it the warehouse woozworld?

s3cr3t is the access code.

Can the kyocera neo access internet?

yes it can, but you have to consult your carrier on how to get it.

What is a long distance access code when trying to call long distance?

A long-distance access code is a code required to make a long-distance telephone call. For example, in many countries, you must dial the long-distance access code '0' or '1' before a domestic area code. (In many countries that use '0' as the prefix, it is often quoted as if it were part of the area code; for example, 020 for London, UK.) Some countries also allow you to dial an access code to use a competing telephone company for that particular call. For instance, in the United States, you can dial 1+area+number to place a long-distance call with your default carrier, or you can add a prefix to use some other carrier by dialing 101xxxx+1+area+number.

What is an access code?

An access code is an alphanumeric sequence which permits access to a secure network or service.

What is think central access code?

The 2012 access code is Missouri.

Which access method is used by Ethernet?

CSMA/CD: Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Detection.

What is the access code for glencoe earth science textbook?

you have to get your access code from you teacher.

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