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It is a device which causes the oxidization of any remaining hydrocarbons in the exhaust of an internal combustion engine.

In other words, if you engine doesn't burn all of the gasoline, the catalytic converter will burn the rest... up to a point and provided that it doesn't get plugged because your engine is burning oil too.

Another is a device on the exhaust pipe that scrubs toxic gas from the exhaust fumes.
A Catalytic Converter is a device that does filter toxic emissions to a lesser form so the engine emissions on the vehicle are less destructuve to the enviorment.

Generally in the United States, catalytic converters are required to have on a gas powered vehicle. Other areas around the world such as Japan and most countries in the European Union have laws that require these devices. Most third world countries and developing nations don't have laws in place that require catalytic converters on automobiles.

For more information about catalytic coverters, see:
A catalytic converter is a devise used in modern vehicles today that reduces the toxicity of carbon monoxide emissions and turns them into breathable air. Inside a catalytic there are ceramic honeycombs. The catalytic converter uses catalyst like platinum and palladium or rhodium metals to reduce harmful levels of dirty combustion waist. There are usually two oxygen (O2) sensors monitoring the air/fuel mixture ratio. In some cars there are more then two oxygen sensors usually located upstream (engine to cat) either on headers or on the side banks of 1 or 2 directly onto the engine block. To find out where Bank 1 and bank 2, call a auto parts store and have them read your firing order. bank one will be located on odd number spark plugs like 1,3,5,7 and bank 2 will be even numbers like 2,4,6,8. There is also a downstream O2 sensor doing the same job only its location is after the cat towards the muffler.

I mentioned the O2 sensors in here only because they work along side with the catalytic converter. When codes are given like a P0420, the computer of the vehicle gives 4 possible failures which reflect primarily on a failing o2 sensor or a bad Cat converter.

A bad Cat converter will either be clogged with carbon or the ceramic combs rattle under the car making it sound like you have rocks and metal rattling under the vehicle. When it clogs, the heat and pressure builds up and becomes back pressure sending pressure back to the engine. This will make the engine overheat. When the ceramic combs fall apart, your are not releasing clean air into the atmosphere. Replacement for these parts are costly in some states due to California emissions standards. Those states that follow California emissions require for your vehicle to pass emissions in order to get your plates. If your in a state that follows federal emissions standards then you can get away with using a universal cat usually costing 1/4 of the price of O.E.M. Cats.

Why is it more costly with California emissions standards?

this question leads me to the last thing to know about catalytic converters. Remember the precious metals I mentioned earlier? Platinum, palladium and rhodium... those catalyst are found in O.E.M. products. They have a higher surface level. And the last time I bought a Platinum product i.e. my wedding ring, i payed a small fortune that was bigger then a regular gold band.

And finally, to stop boring you with this knowledge that I share,

catalytic converters are the prize target on taller vehicles because it is easier to crawl under the SUV or truck that is higher off the ground and cut them off. They cut the cats off because of those very precious metals inside. People will get money for the metals inside.

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Q: What is a catalytic converter?
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How many grams gold there is in Mercedes S class Catalytic Converter?

There isn't gold in a catalytic converter.There isn't gold in a catalytic converter.

Is a truck louder without catalytic converters?

It can be, but it is illegal to remove a catalytic converter.It can be, but it is illegal to remove a catalytic converter.

Can you take off the catalytic converter and replace it with flowmaster?

Legally you can only replace a catalytic converter with another catalytic converter.

How do you fix p0420 code in rav4 2003?

Replace the catalytic converterReplace the catalytic converter

What does the code P0420 mean on a 2000 dodge avenger?

Catalytic converter failure.Catalytic converter failure.

What is common fix for code P0420 on dodge neon?

Replace the catalytic converter.Replace the catalytic converter.

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Yes, it has a catalytic converter.

Is there a cover for the catalytic converter that stops theft?

There is not an antitheft cover for the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter gets extremely hot and cannot be covered.

How do you pass emissions test with broken catalytic converter?

Replace the catalytic converter.

How can you pass inspection when you need a catalytic converter?

There's no possible way to pass inspection with a bad catalytic converter, if if you find out you have a bad catalytic converter during your inspection you have a chance after you after you have replaced the catalytic converter and the inspection no no charge/free!!

What does a catalytic converter delete do?

If you're referring to removing the catalytic converter from your vehicle, first off this is illegal. Secondly no modern engine will run properly with the catalytic converter removed. You must have a fully functional catalytic converter in place.

Where are O2 sensors 1998 ram 3500 8.0?

In the exhaust, near the catalytic converter.In the exhaust, near the catalytic converter.

Where is the down stream oxygen sensor?

Usually after your catalytic converter. Usually after your catalytic converter.

How much does it cost to replace catalytic converter on a Titan?

The Titan booster does not have a catalytic converter

Where are the oxygen sensors located in a 2001 dodge ram truck?

They are on either side of the catalytic converter.They are on either side of the catalytic converter.

Will it hurt to cut off the catalytic converter and left it off of your 1988 dodge daytona?

Removing a catalytic converter and not replacing it is highly illegal.Removing a catalytic converter and not replacing it is highly illegal.

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Legally a defective catalytic converter must be replaced.

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there is no drive cycle for a catalytic converter it could be plugged up....

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it is illegal to remove a catalytic converter.

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Yes. From the factory it has a catalytic converter.

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It is illegal for a salvage yard to sell a catalytic converter.

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There is only one catalytic converter on the 99 TL.