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Q: What is a change in velocity over time for an object?
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When does a force change the velocity of an object?

If the object is in free-space, and any force applied over a period of time will change the velocity of an object. Force = mass * acceleration. Acceleration = velocity / time. Therefore, Force = mass * velocity/time.

How does velocity work with roller coasters?

Velocity is what makes an object change position over time.

What is velocity used for?

Velocity is the rate of change in an object's location over time, also known as speed.

Can an object be accelerating if it has constant velocity?

No. The definition of acceleration is the change in an object's velocity over time. Acceleration must then be zero since velocity remains constant.

Is an object's change in position relative to a reference point over a period of time?

In the question, "an object's change in position...over...time" is a perfectly reasonable definition of velocity.

How does motion of an object change over time?

Its velocity is reduced as a result of friction and drag.

What are two words that describe the rate of motion of an object at a given point in time?

Velocity is the change of distance over change in time (distance/unit time) and Acceleration is the change in velocity/unit time.

Acceleration is the rate at which happens?

acceleration is the rate of change of velocity with respect to time.

Is displacement the change in velocity of an object?

Velocity is change in displacement over time.

What is the formula you use to determine the accelation of an object moving in straight line?

Change in velocity over the change in time

How are speed and changes in an object's position related?

Change in position over time is velocity ("speed").

Is there an acceleration when an object traveling at constant velocity and why?

No. Acceleration is change of velocity / time. If there is no change in velocity, there is no acceleration.