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Q: What is a change that causes light to bend?
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What can bend light?

change of medium causes light to bend

What causes light rays to refract?

light travels in straight path and when speed of medium in which light travels change then it refract due to change in speed light rays bend and refract

What is the property of light that causes it to bend?


When light rays enter a new medium at an angle what does the change in speed cause the ray to do?

The change in speed causes the light to bend. If it is travelling from an optically dencer to an optically rarer medium the ray will bend away from the normal. But if it is travelling from an optically rarer to an optically denser medium then it will bend towards the normal.

What light behavior causes light to bend through water?


What causes water to bend light passing through it?

because when light hits a different martial it slows and change it direction like ridingbike from the road on to the sand.

Why does the light bends when traveling from one medium to another?

Everybody knows change in speed of light causes to bend light. But why does light bends towards normal when passing from rarer to denser and vice versa?

Contraction of the ciliary muscle causes the lens to bend the light less?


What causes the light from far away galaxies to bend?

If the light from a distance galaxy passes near a massive cosmic object, then the gravity of that object will distort space-time. That will cause the light to bend.

If you shine a laser pointer into an ice cube properties will cause the laser light to bend as it enters the ice cube?

refraction causes it to bend

What causes light traveling in a straight line to bend?

Gravity. (Or the shape of space - which is molded by gravity.)

How do you change the brake light in a 1992 Lincoln Continental?

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