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What is a chibi?

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"Chibi" means "cute/small" in Japanese

"kawaii" means "cute" in Japanese also


"Chibi" is simply ANNE CAMILLE TEJEDOR...

chibis r the way to express manga to the extreme.

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Who is chibi chibi in sailor moon?

Chibi chibi is a character in the 5th season of Sailor Moon who is really Sailor Galaxia's Star Seed. Sailor Galaxia sent it out into space to "find someone who will accept her", and Chibi Chibi found Usagi. Chibi chibi could only say "chibi chibi" or repeat what someone said.

What ep does chibi chibi meet usagi?

Usagi met Chibi chibi in episode 183.

What would be after chibi?

Super Chibi? Uber Chibi? xD

Is chibi chibi rini's child or serena's?

chibi chibi is neather one of theres.... sailor galaxia sealed chaos with in herself but when she discovered it was corrupting her she removed her star seed the eventualy landed on earth and took the form of chibi chibi.

Who is chibi chibi from sailor moon?

*SPOILER ALERTChibi Chibiis the Light Of Hope.She could also be the second daughter of Serena (Usagi) and Darien (Mamoru) or Rini (Chibusa) and Helios.wrong, chibi chibi is not the second daughter of them. it's the someone else star seed.

What is a cool chibi app?

Chibi Me and ChibiDraw Free are some really cool chibi apps. Both are free :)

Deoes sailor chibi chibi moon have a mom?


Is chibi the birthday massacre emo?

Chibi is goth, not emo.

Is sailor chibi chibi sailor mini moons sister?

Sailor chibi Chibi is actually sailor Galaxia's seed of Hope that she sent away when she felt the darkness taking over :D

Who is sailor chibi chibi Moon's mom?

Sailor Chibi Chibi's mom is Serena/Sailor Moon when she is older. Her dad is Darren.

Who is sailor cosmos sister?

She has none I think... but Chibi Chibi is Cosmos.

What is a chivy cat?

There is no such thing but I draw anime,chibi and manga and I think u mean chibi cat check it on google images so u know what a chibi cat is (chibi it's a type of drawing)

What episode does chibi chibi come in from the sailor moon series?

Episode 183

What is a good chibi App?

there is no chibi app. ask someone to make one for you!

Who is sailor mini mini moon?

She is rini Rini is Serena & Darien future child & they're Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask! If you are referring to Chibi Chibi Moon, Then, she is Chibi Chibi, Sailor Galaxia's Star Seed.

What are all of the chibi robo games?

The first game is Chibi-Robo Plug into Adventure The second one Is Chibi-Robo Park Patrol and the third on is Okaeri! Chibi-Robo! Happy Richie Ōsōji! but it was only released in Japan

What would a chibi raccoon be called in Japanese?

ちび狸 Chibi tanuki

Who is the youngest girl sailor in the world?

if u mean sailor scout then its chibi chibi

What is a good chibi sidekick?

Chibi raccoon , cat , flying squirrel , cottontail rabbit ,

Who is chibi chibi mother and father?

Serena and Darian are her parents.

Are there any chibi mangas?

Manga artists usually include some sort of chibi-style into their work. A manga primarily using chibi form is something I have yet to stumble across. I do have mini-book series that are completely chibi characters.

What is the story about in Crow Boy?

Crow Boy by Taro Yashima is about a boy named Chibi. Chibi spends much of his time alone studying tiny details in the world around him. When Chibi reaches 6th grade, his teacher realizes the ability Chibi has to use his five senses to learn about the world. Once the teacher has Chibi share his talents with the other students, they come to understand and appreciate Chibi. Because of his talent in being able to imitate crows, Chibi is given a new name, Crow Boy.

Is Chibi-Robo Real?

yes Is Chibi-Robo Real? mabie i don't know

What does the word chibi mean?

"Chibi" is a Japanese word for diminutive person or a small child who is cute .

What is the duration of Chibi Maruko-chan?

The duration of Chibi Maruko-chan is 1.55 hours.

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