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What is a chocolate bar that means constellation of stars?

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Bad definition, but you probably mean the Milky Way bar.

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What does it mean when it says that the dark chocolate is 72 percent dark chocolate?

it means that the chocolate bar you are eating is not all dark chocolate. if the candy bar was pretty cheap then that's probably why. if you get an expensive candy bar it will probably say 100% dark chocolate. in conclusion the chocolate bar is partly another type of chocolate.

What chocolate bar begins with d?

Dime Bar. Dove Chocolate.

How do you get the chocolate bar on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory island?

To get to the chocolate bar on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory island you will need to buy a chocolate Wonka bar.

What chocolate bar begins with I?

What chocolate bar starts with i

What to call a pink chocolate bar?

you call a pink chocolate bar a starwberryocolate bar

How many blocks of chocolate in a Galaxy chocolate bar?

Their are Six blocks of chocolate in a standard Galaxy chocolate bar.

What is a bar of chocolate?

A bar of chocolate is a flat slab of chocolate which can be broken into smaller pieces before being eaten - as distinct from a chocolate bar, which usually has a filling.

Is the chocolate bar twix yummy?

of course wix is yummy its a chocolate bar why woud'nt it be yummy its not my favourite chocolate bar though my favourite chocolate bar is aero mint itsso yummy

What chocolate bar begins with you?

U-No Candy Bar (taste like chocolate truffle) is a chocolate bar. It begins with the letter u.

What is the mass of one piece of chocolate?

mass of chocolate bar / pieces of chocolate in a bar

How do you use chocolate in a sentence?

John is buying a chocolate bar for his brother, Jack. Jack is eating the chocolate bar. After eating the chocolate bar, Jack washes his hands and mouth with soap He thank John for buying him a chocolate bar.

How many calories in a chocolate bar?

there are 35 calories in a chocolate bar

How calories does a bar of chocolate have?

The average bar of chocolate is about 240 calories.

Is a chocolate bar smelly?

So a chocolate bar smells good!

How much salt is there in a chocolate bar?

Depends on the size of the chocolate bar.

How much calories in a bar of chocolate?

It depends on the exact chocolate bar. The average sized chocolate bar is about 200 to 300 calories, though.

What chocolate starts with the letter U?

U-No Bar is a chocolate covered candy bar that tastes like chocolate truffle.

Is Melting a chocolate bar an irreversible change?

No, you can take the melted chocolate goo and pour it into a mold, cool it and re-form the candy bar. No, melting a chocolate bar is not an irreversible change. Melting a chocolate bar is just changing its state of matter. If you but the melted chocolate bar in a freezer, where exothermic processes will occur, and the chocolate bar will be solid again.

What is a chocolate that begins with g?

a chocolate bar that begins with g is a goodbar. goodbar is a name of a chocolate bar

Why does a chocolate bar become soft beside an oven?

Heat transfer. The oven is warmer than the chocolate bar, which is solid at room temperature. The difference in temperature means that heat will transfer from the warmer oven to the chocolate bar. Chocolate melts at ~36*C, so if enough energy is added to the chocolate, the temperature will rise until it reaches 36*C and begins to melt.

Chocolate bar that's starts with w?

white chocolate ...or a wonka bar?

What type of energy is in a chocolate bar?

A chocolate bar will give you carbs, or sugar.

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