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Green screen is a filming technique used in creating special effects. Since the human body does not normally include the color green (with the exception of a tiny amount of green sometimes found in the iris of the eye, and only for a small minority of people) you can film someone against an all green background, and then edit out the color green, leaving you with just the actor, and no background, which then allows you to superimpose the actor against an entirely different background, such as a scene from another planet with giant monsters. This enables you to effectively place an actor, or actors, in a situation which would have been much more expensive to create by a more direct filming technique.

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Q: What is a chroma screen or green screen?
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Does Pinnacle Studios 15 have a green screen affect?

Pinnacle Studios 15 does have a green screen effect. It was originally introduced in Pinnacle 11. The green screen effect is used for the production of chroma key effects.

What is a chroma key?

Chroma key is an effect used to layer two images or video streams together based on color. The green screen that an actor stands in front of is an example of this.

Does Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9 have greenscreen effects?

Yes, it DOES have green screen capabilities. The video affect you should apply to your green screen footage is "chroma key".

Do regular camcorders work with green screens?

yes for the most part all cameras work with a green screen, but it all depends on how even the light is across your subject and the green screen and what kind of chroma keyer you are using.

What are some different ways to make a green screen?

Green screen or chroma is based on the complementary color of your scene, green is the best complementary color for most skin tones and that is why is used. you also can use blue, depends on your scene, if every thing is black you can use white, if everything is green you can use red. Look for the chroma difference of your scene.

Which is better a blue or green screen for chroma keyer?

Green is better for digital keying and blue is better for film. It is also handy to use blue if the subject is wearing a green shirt.

How do green boards on TV work as in weather person in front of a green wall?

The color of the background screen is electronically filled with another image. It is called Chroma key. You can see it fail when the person in front of the screen wares the same color as the screen.

What is the best free green screen software?

The best free green screen software is 123 Video Magic software. It is the most highly rated software. Other options include the Green Screen Wizard software, Digital Anarchy Primatte Chromakey software, or the Chroma Key Live software.

Is Nero 9 compatible with green screen?

No, the Chroma Key effect (required to remove a background color) is only available on Nero 10 and 11

Can sony movie studio platinum 12 suite use a green screen?

Yes, Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 has the capability to edit a green screen or any other color. It offers a full chroma key so you can filter out any color you wish.

Does iMovie have chroma-key?

iMovie '09 has basic Green Screen editing built in. To access this ensure that the Advanced Tools option is ticked in the general section of iMovies Preferences.Drag your "green screen" video onto your background video clip in your project. Select Green Screen from the menu that appears. You can move the clip around or double click it to open the inspector to make further adjustments.

What do you need for a green screen?

A few very bright lights, they need to be specific, ask in your local camera store.A computer with a program that can do Chroma KeyNothing else green, different tones of green can be OK, but that would be extremely rare that you can have anything else green for it to not get messed up.These are very small details.