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from what i know, cinerator is not in the dictionary, but incinerator is a type of furnace.

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Q: What is a cinerator the opposite of incinerator?
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What is a synonym for incinerator?

Furnace, boiler, burner, cinerarium, cinerator, crematory, heater, heating system, oil burner, pyre

What does an incinerator do?

An incinerator is what things are burned in.

What is Incinerator singular possessive form?

Singular possessive is "incinerator's". e.g. the incinerator's contents. NB Without the apostrophe it becomes plural ; "incinerators".

When was Incinerator Studios created?

Incinerator Studios was created in 2005.

When was Time's Incinerator created?

Time's Incinerator was created in 1980.

When was Wheelabrator Incinerator created?

Wheelabrator Incinerator was created in 1985.

USE incinerator in a sentence?

An incinerator was used to burn up all the garbage.

When was Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator created?

Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator was created in 1989.

How does an incinerator work?

An incinerator burns something until it is ash. An incinerator is simply a high temperature oven. They are usually either gas or wood fired.

How much does an incinerator cost?

If you're looking into buying an incinerator of that power, you probably shouldn't be asking here, but instead at a place that already has one-- recycling plants and funeral homes would be a good start. Ask them where they got theirs.

What is the duration of Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator?

The duration of Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator is 1.63 hours.

How can you use the word incinerator in a sentence?

The garbage was once taken to the town incinerator to be burned. An incinerator may be used to dispose of secret documents, or damaged currency, or hazardous biological waste.