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Antwerp, Or Osterbrogade, with th o with a line through it.

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Q: What is a city in Denmark other than Copenhagen?
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Is Copenhagen part of The Netherlands?

No, Copehagen is the Capitol city of Denmark. Denmark is a different country than the Netherlands.

Is Copenhagen a popular place in Denmark?

Yes, it is the capital city and it comes to show that it is in fact the most popular city Denmark because when you search up something about Denmark like for say popular attractions it will come up with places in Copenhagen

What does Copenhagen mean in Hebrew?

Copenhagen has no meaning in Hebrew, other than the name of a Danish city. (Only Hebrew names have meaning in Hebrew.)

What are the best hotels in Denmark?

If you are looking for five star luxury while visiting Denmark, look no further than the FRONT hotel located in Copenhagen. Another great option is Hotel D'Angleterre Copenhagen.

Where is the city Christiana located?

This can be answered more than one way. There is a town in Tennessee called Christiana. There is also a town in Pennsylvania of the same name. It is also a part of Copenhagen, Denmark.

What is the origin of the brand name Copenhagen tobacco?

You know, this is a very good question now that I have researched it. I have found nothing behind the story of the actual brand name. I found there is an actual city named Copenhagen in Denmark and can only speculate that perhaps his heritage is from Denmark, perhaps he immigrated from Copenhagen. It would make sense being he founded his tobacco shop in 1822 making him more than likely an immigrant in that time and era of immigration boom.

What are the release dates for Queerer Than Thou - 2008?

Queerer Than Thou - 2008 was released on: USA: 8 November 2008 (Tranny Fest) Denmark: 24 October 2012 (MIX Copenhagen)

Are there other types of transportation in denmark?

Other than what? Hover cars?

Income taxes in Copenhagen Denmark?

Denmark has a progressive Income tax percentage, so your tax depends on the income. It will typically start around 40% - 45% of the total income and can for high earners reach approx. 60% MARGINAL tax (not to be confused with total/average tax percentage). This is the sum of municipal, health (formerly regional) and state tax (as I assume you mean in Denmark in general - not Copenhagen as opposed to another municipality in Denmark)Denmark differs from almost all other welfare states by having practically no social contributions paid by the employer (as the revenue comes in via the Income tax instead). This means that Salaries and Income taxes are relatively higher than in comparable countries. This asymmetry can in some cases make in quite advantageous to work in Denmark, but reside in a neighboring country.

How do the people of Denmark live?

The Danes are the happiest people in Europe and have some of the shortest life expectancy! I live in Sweden not more than 100 km from Denmark and the average life expectancy here is a full ten years longer than in Denmark. But the Swedes are not as happy as their cousins across the strait.

The distance from New Zealand's capital city to Copenhagen is how much greater than the distance from Copenhagen to the capital of the US?

ur obviously cheating 4 the gr8 race!so what, why did u answer this question if u dont have a proper answer...

What is the vegetable of Denmark?

The apple. In Denmark, the apples got a better taste than any other, because of the weather and stuff.