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A spec sheet shows the measurements at many points of the garment, such as sleeve length, hem height, knee circumference, etc. All measurements are done front and back and then totaled. It also includes pertinent information such as the season, designer, collection, production number, size, fabric contents, and trims. The sheet is used in production and patternmaking to ensure the correct fit.

If you are looking for a tech pack designer go to

we do create tech pack designs for the garments with following details

page 1- complete rendered illustration page 2- color combos details with rendered illustration and pantone color mentioned page 3- construction detail with zoomed illustrated detail of important areas of the garment. page 4- continue with detail with zoomed illustrated detail of important areas of the garment. page 5- continue with detail with zoomed illustrated detail of important areas of the garment (if required) page 6- graphic detail (if required) with color combos and pantone numbers page 7-8 measurement sheet with size detail (included measurement of all sizes) page-9 Trims detail ( labels, accessories etc )

Additional detail sheet for the graphics/embroidery in original size and detail mentioned

We can provide you the tech pack file in pdf or adobe illustrator file (AI) as requested.

As for cost of making charge we would like to know about, what all details for required inside your tech pack and it also depends in man power time consumption.

It would be nice if you can send us your tech pack sample which you have used it earlier so that we can Analise the time consumption and will offer you the approximate price.

I would like to know what kind of garments do you want us to create tech pack, You can just send us the detailed photograph of your garments and we will create the tech pack . As for measurements it must be provided by you for each sizes.

We can even make tech pack from a hand scribbled sketch which you can scan and send it to us.

Hope you are clear with our services .

Looking forward for your earliest respond. We are also into graphic design (chest print, allover print, textile design, embroidery design and cads for checks and stripe.)

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Nirbhay Manager Just Dzine

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