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if you mean colonoscopy, its pretty much where they lube up a camera and shove it up your bung hole and look for cancer if they find any they have a grabber attachment on the camera that will take a sample and/or remove it

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Q: What is a colposcopy procedure?
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Where is a Colposcopy done?

This is a procedure that can be done in the doctor's office

Watch a video of colposcopy procedure being done?


Can pregnant women have a colposcopy?

Women who are pregnant, or who suspect that they are pregnant, must tell their doctor before the procedure begins. Pregnant women can, and should, have a colposcopy if they have an abnormal Pap test.

What procedure is commonly performed with a colposcopy?

There are several procedures that can commonly be performed with a colposcopy. They are Schiller's test, acetic acid wash and biopsy if the two previous tests show signs of abnormal cells.

What research has been done on colposcopy?

In 2004, a study showed that a new optical detection system used with colposcopy greatly improved visual detection of precancerous changes in the cervix during the procedure.

Who performs a colposcopy?

Colposcopy is performed by a gynecologist.

What is the medical procedure colposcopy?

This procedure is done when a Pap smear reveals abnormal results. With an endoscope placed through the vagina and into the cervix, a physician can determine exactly where lesions of the cervix are.

Does insurance cover a colposcopy?

I recently had to have a colposcopy done. My insurance will not cover the procedure under regular doctor visits because they consider it a surgical procedure and I will have to first pay $500 out of pocket. Most colposcopies do not cost $500, so I ended up having to pay for the whole thing. I have Humana insurance. I know most insurance companies do cover them, however you will want to check with the insurance company on what your deductible will be since most of them consider it a surgical procedure.

How long to wait before sex after a colposcopy?

There is no set time period after haveing a colposcopy. when you are ready, go for it

What are the chances you can get pregnant after a colposcopy?

I had a colposcopy in July, its now December 1, 2009 and I'm six weeks pregnant.

What ia the difference between colpopexy and colposcopy?

Colpopexy is surgical repair of the vagina. Colposcopy is visualization of the cervix and vagina.

What action should someone take if they have an abnormal pap smear?

The action that should be taken is dependent on the results of the procedure. Some results, such as ASCUS or CIN 1, are followed up with the same procedure in about 6 months. More serious findings, however, are typically investigated further with a procedure called colposcopy.