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Q: What is a comforter in bedding?
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What is a goose down comforter and what is it used for?

A goose down comforter is a piece of bedding made from goose feathers. The comforter is the top piece of bedding that goes over your sheets, but under your decorative pillows.

Where can I find the best bedding and comforter set in SCS?

Kohls offers the most choices for comforter sets. These are often on sale. THeir bedding and comforter sets come in a variety of differnt colors as well.

What is Victoria secret bedding?

how thick is Victoria secret bedding? ( the polka dot comforter)

Is the Tommy Bahama Bedding Orange Cay: Cal King Comforter Set Terracotta machine washable?

The Tommy Bahama Bedding Orange Cay: Cal King Terracotta Comforter Set is machine washable. The comforter should be machine washed on cold, and tumble dry on low.

Are there any bedding sets that include a duvet?

Bedding sets typically include a duvet or a comforter since you don't use both at the same time. A bedding set usually comes with a comforter, sheets and pillowcases. Duvets can also be purchased in sets with matching sheets and pillowcases.

What is a Primalift Comforter?

A Primaloft Comforter is hypoallergenic microfibre bedding that mimics goose down. This provides a good alternative to those that are allergic to down.

What do you call bedding that covers the whole bed?

i sware a Comforter

Is a bedding comforter and a duvet cover the same thing?

Yes. A duvet, though, needs a basic comforter to go inside it. It is basically the material on the outside of the comforter without the inside. It usually zips or buttons and opens up.

You are looking for Croscill Madeira bedding ensemble in king size?

yes a comforter in King

What bedding sets come with a bed skirt?

The bedding set that come with a bed skirt is the Room Magic Tropical Seas Twin Comforter or the Sham Set

Does a comforter cover mean I wont need to wash the comforter?

Getting a comforter cover means that you wont have to wash your comforter as often as you otherwise would have. for people who have down comforters that are dry clean only this can be a god send because it allows them to wash their bedding without a trip to the dry cleaner.

What all is included in a bedding ensemble?

Bedding ensembles are packages of bedding that will fully outfit a bed. They usually are comprised of sheets, pillow cases and sometimes a comforter. Shams, bed skirts and decorative pillows can be purchased as well.

Is there any risk of the baby suffocating with this bedding?

There are no additional risks of the baby suffocating with this bedding. However, you should always remove the comforter or quilt before putting the baby to bed.

What is the difference between a bed in a bag and a comforter set?

The difference between a bed in a bag and a comforter set is that a bed in a bag set includes other bedding such as pillow cases and sheets. Comforter sets just include the sleeping bags and sometimes the sheets.

Where is the best place to buy a bedding comforter set in SC?

Kohls offers the most choices for comforter sets. These are often on sale. Without knowing where in South Carolina you are located, I suggest visiting This site will help you to locate businesses which sell bedding, are will provide you with user reviews.

Where can one purchase a comforter queen set?

People can purchase a comforter queen set at a broad variety of stores. An example of a store that people can purchase it at is the store called Kohls in the bedding section.

What companies produce comforter bedding sets?

Companies that produce comforter beddings are Ginny Sears, The Company Store, Debenhams, Marks and Spencer Dunelm, Overstock and Amazon. Children's ones can be found in Mothercare.

What types of bedding comforters are available?

The types of bedding comforters are the top sheet, bottom sheet, coverlet, bedspread, blanket or throw, main comforter, duvet, duvet cover, and bed skirt.

Where can one purchase a full comforter set as a wedding gift?

A full comforter set can be purchased as a wedding gift from all good bedding and homeware stores. For example, try Dunelm, or webpage stores such as Amazon.

Where can I buy a down comforter set on sale?

A good store to look for a down comforter is Bed Bath & Beyond. They always have a great selection. If you would prefer to shop online, is a great place for bedding.

Where can you find discontinued croscill bedding sets?

Looking for the Croscill"Oceanview", Blue, comforter in king size. Has it been discontinued?

How does the manufacturer of the Jack Baby Crib Bedding recommend washing the comforter?

You should wash in warm water with a sensitive detergent.

What is the average cost for king size bedding sets?

The average cost of a king size bedding set is about $200 from what I can tell. These sets normally include a comforter, two pillow shams, and dust ruffle.

Is there any type of childrens bedding set for younger children that are machine washable ?

Normally the bedding sets are machine washable,buts its recommended to dry clean the comforter,it depends on the size and material uts made of.

What does featherbedding mean?

If you are referring the "feather bedding" (two words) it refers to bedding products that are filled with feathers or down from [typically] a goose. For example, a feather pillow, a feather comforter, a feather blanket, a feather mattress topper.