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aluminum oxide ( Al O)

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Q: What is a compould of aluminum?
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Related questions

Is aluminum foil a compound or element?

Aluminum is element. Aluminum foil is made entirely of aluminum.

What are toaster oven made of?

aluminum i think... aluminum i think... aluminum i think... aluminum i think... aluminum i think... aluminum i think...

Is a aluminum can a element?

Aluminum is an element, but an aluminum can is a product made from aluminum.

What is the difference of aluminum sulfide and aluminum sulfate?

Aluminum Sulfide ==> Al2S3 Aluminum Sulfate ==> Al2(SO4)3 Aluminum sulfide is just aluminum and sulfur, while aluminum sulfate is Aluminum plus Sulfate (Polyatomic ion made of sulfur and oxygen)

Does aluminum plus iodine forms aluminum oxide?

Aluminum and oxygen form aluminum oxide. Aluminum and iodine form aluminum iodide.

What type of aluminum are aluminum fishing boats made out of?


What is the difference between aluminum alloy and aluminum?

what is difference between aluminum alloy and aluminum

Is aluminum Manufactured?

Native aluminum exists, but most aluminum is manufactured by the processing of the aluminum ore bauxite, or from recycling existing aluminum.

When a aluminum foil is crumpled is it a chemical change or physical?

To crumple aluminum foil is to cause a physical change. You have changed the shape of the aluminum, but it is still aluminum.

What are three compounds where aluminum is found?

Aluminum is found in many compounds. Among these are aluminum oxide, aluminum fluoride, and aluminum sulfate. Aluminum oxide is the most commercially significant of these compounds.

What is oxidized in a galvanic cell with aluminum and gold electrodes?

The aluminum metals

What are the ingredients of aluminum foil?

Aluminum. Just aluminum.

What minerals are in an aluminum can?

Aluminum cans are made of aluminum.

How is pure aluminum different from an alloy of aluminum?

Aluminum alloy has precipitates of alloying elements which improves the mechanical property of aluminum but pure aluminum is weak.

Is aluminum ore the same a aluminum?

No, Aluminum ore is usually the mineral bauxite, which I believe is aluminum oxide.

Is an aluminum can a compound?

No aluminum cans are not compounds. Aluminum cans are made of aluminum which is an element and is very metallic.

What is made out of aluminum ore?

Aluminum is made out of aluminum ore.

How much aluminum is in aluminum foil?

Aluminum foil is pure elemental aluminum in very thin sheets. It's a 100%, or, to be more precise, 99.99% aluminum.

What is the difference between aluminum foil and aluminum pop cans?

Aluminum foil is made from extremely thin aluminum. Aluminum pop cans are considerably thicker than aluminum foil, and are made from an aluminum alloy containing small amounts of manganese and magnesium.

What color is aluminum?

it is silver in colorAluminum is silvery gray. You can observe aluminum in a roll of aluminum foil.

Is aluminum foil an element?

Aluminum foil is made of Aluminum, which is an element. So yes Aluminum foil is a element

What elements are in aluminum foil?

Aluminum foil is made entirely of aluminum.

What is in aluminum?

aluminum is a metal. it is aluminum foil and many other things.

How is tin foil made from aluminum?

its not, aluminum foil is made from aluminum

Is an aluminum can a pure substance?

Aluminum cans are made from pure aluminum.