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A decongestant and a soporific are combined in cold medicine used at night.

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A soporific is a drug that helps a person fall asleep.

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Q: What is a compound sentence with soporific in it?
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What is a sentence with soporfic in it?

Assuming that you want a sentence using the word 'soporific' (definition: causing or tending to cause sleep), an example would be: 'The drug she was taking had a soporific effect'

Soporific in a sentence?

There is no better soporific and sedative than skepticism.-Friedrich Wilhelm NietzscheBecause he had watched so many movies the night before, Joey was soporific the next day during school.

How do you use the word soporific?

The professor had a soporific voice and I fell asleep. Here it is used as an adjective, meaning the soporific voice made me sleepy.

Can you Give me a sentence with the word heat?

The heat from the log-fire was rather soporific, and my eyes began to feel heavy.

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What does soporific have in common with liquid ammonium?

Ammonium is a radical, NH4, present in some kinds of ionic compounds; it does not have soporific properties.

What is a compound sentence for beware?

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What is a sentence with the word compound in it?

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it is compound sentence

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