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Q: What is a compound with water attached?
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Can you use the words hydrate compound and water in the same sentence?

yes you can u could say u need water to hydrate

What ion Compound that has water chemically attached to its ions and written into its chemical formula?

The answer is Hydrate.

What is an example of a anhydrous compound?

Not only NaOH, can be any other compound that do not have any water molecule attached to it such as anhydrous CaCl2, Silica gel, anhydrous NaCl..

Why would an ionic substance dissolve in water easily?

Water is basically a polar solvent . Due to the presence positive and negative poles on hydrogen and oxygen atoms respectively, the -ve part of ionic compound becomes attached to the hydrogen of water and +ve part of ionic compound is attached to the partial negative charge bearing oxygen of water. Following this phenomenon ionic compounds are soluble in water .

Is water a compound or mixture?

Water is a compound

Is it correct to say the mail and the attached refers?

No. When and is used to join the elements in a compound subject, the compound subject is treated as plural.The mail and the attached refer...

What is the ionic compound for water?

Water "auto-ionises" - forming H+ and OH- H2O <-> H+(aq) + OH- the H+aq means that the H+ is attached to water molecules or hydrogen bonded "clumps" of water molecules"

What is the difference between bisphosphate and diphosphate?

The difference between a bisphosphate and diphosphate is very simple. For a diphosphate, the 2 phosphate groups in the compound are directly attached to one another. For a bisphosphate, the 2 phosphate groups in the compound are attached to different atoms on the compound, meaning that they are not attached to one another.

Is water compound or mixture?

Water is a compound!!!!!!!!!!!!!! H20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is pure distilled water a compound element or mixture?

Distilled water is a compound, is a compound

Is water a compound a mixture?

Water is a compound

Is pure water a mixture or a compound or an element?

Pure water is a compound.