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What is a conclusion on advertising being an evil or a boon?


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A sordid boon is profit made doing something illegal or evil. When a person rises to drug lord status by violently dealing cocaine, it is a sordid boon.

Children are exposed to evil effects of advertising. They may believe only certain traits are beautiful or be exposed to violence or adult themes as a result.

Believe is a verb, it indicates that a person has come to some kind of conclusion or has accepted something as being factual or true, as in, I believe that you are a good person. Belief is a noun, it is a specific assertion, conclusion, or datum of whatever sort, that someone has accepted as true. It is my belief that you are a good person. Belief in evil spirits is superstitious. Hence, I do not believe in evil spirits.

Yes, the devil is an evil supernatural being.

-Slight Spoiler-Though Terra's heart was filled with darkness, he was not evil. He fought for his friends and the ones he cared for. The conclusion of Terra's story just shows how the heart can be manipulated, but he was never evil.

Evil and Good exist. Evil being wrong and Good being right is the point of view.

No, because being evil is always a bad thing.

NO but they can be but the chances of a horse being evil is 1 and 1,000,000

You @#%^^556 he is evil do not hear the laugh he is just bad at being evil

An evil natured person or being is a person that has no conscious. An evil person will commit criminal or immoral acts and not feel any guilt.

Rosicrucians are not evil. . . Their purpose is for enlightenment. . . Being a Christ in a heart. . .

No. She can be inconsiderate at times, but she is nowhere near being evil.

you can change from being evil to being good:)

Generally, the word 'wickedness' is used to describe being evil to other people. The word describes extremely mean and evil behavior.

sweevil- being sweet but evil at the same time

They are very pessimistic because they are all evil and the only non-evil being is God. the end They are very pessimistic because they are all evil and the only non-evil being is God. the end

Mr Kat is an evil alien cat from a planet of evil cats. He is cute and loveable... despite being evil.

i am a Buddhist and i find this offensive none the less the amswer is no Buddhist are not evil. however they can be evil but that has nothing to do with being Bhuddist.

he is super bad!!!!!1111(Another reply) Harry Potter is not exactly evil; he is on the side of good, those who actively combat evil. Harry Potter does have a few unpleasant character traits, but not of those that would actually deserve the term "evil".

I don't know what you mean by 'evil tails'. If you mean Tails when he got hypnotized in Sonic Colors, then no, he was being evil against his own will.

To condemn openly as being evil

It depends how you use it. If you are referring to someone being evil or describing something, then it would be an adjective. But evil can also be a noun, as in evil roams the earth.

It is more fun to be evil put the main probelm of being evil is that people find you less atractive and do not like you so they will not follow you (wich prevents being able to sacrafice them)

A 10 letter word for an evil natured person or being could be a lawbreaker, psychopath or malevolent.

the Three Wise Monkeys of Japanese origin. Symbolic of being good in mind, deed and action

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