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Q: What is a conclusion on advertising being an evil or a boon?
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What is a sordid boon?

A sordid boon is profit made doing something illegal or evil. When a person rises to drug lord status by violently dealing cocaine, it is a sordid boon.

Evil effects of advertising on children?

Children are exposed to evil effects of advertising. They may believe only certain traits are beautiful or be exposed to violence or adult themes as a result.

How was Torquemada evil?

If evil can be understood as behavior based on an emotional foundation, it is an inescapable conclusion that Torquemada was an evil man. He was full of hatred and devoid of compassion, which is the essence of evil.

What is the difference between believe and belief?

Believe is a verb, it indicates that a person has come to some kind of conclusion or has accepted something as being factual or true, as in, I believe that you are a good person. Belief is a noun, it is a specific assertion, conclusion, or datum of whatever sort, that someone has accepted as true. It is my belief that you are a good person. Belief in evil spirits is superstitious. Hence, I do not believe in evil spirits.

Is Terra evil?

-Slight Spoiler-Though Terra's heart was filled with darkness, he was not evil. He fought for his friends and the ones he cared for. The conclusion of Terra's story just shows how the heart can be manipulated, but he was never evil.

Is it okay to be evil?

No, because being evil is always a bad thing.

Are horses evil?

NO but they can be but the chances of a horse being evil is 1 and 1,000,000

Is it ok to be evil?

No, because being evil is always a bad thing.

Is it true that evil doesn't exist and it is just a point of view?

Evil and Good exist. Evil being wrong and Good being right is the point of view.

Is invader zim nice or evil?

You @#%^^556 he is evil do not hear the laugh he is just bad at being evil

What is an evil superhuman being?


What is an example of an evil?

being mean

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