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Concrete nouns are words for things that can be experienced by one or more of the five physical senses; they can be seen, heard, smelled, tasted or touched. Example concrete nouns:

  • apple
  • baby
  • cold
  • door
  • egg
  • fence
  • goat
  • house
  • ice
  • jade

Abstract nouns are things that can't be experienced by any of the physical senses; they can't be seen, heard, smelled, tasted, or touched; they are things that can only be known, understood, learned, believed, or felt emotionally. Example abstract nouns:

  • knowledge
  • love
  • memory
  • need
  • opinion
  • patience
  • question
  • reason
  • season
  • trouble
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Q: What is a concrete and abstract nouns?
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How are concrete and abstract nouns the same?

Both concrete and abstract nouns are words for things. Both concrete and abstract nouns can be singular or plural. Both concrete and abstract nouns can be common nouns or proper nouns. Both concrete and abstract nouns function in a sentence as the subject of the sentence or clause, and as the object of a verb or a preposition.

What are two abstract nouns and two concrete nouns?

Abstract nouns:educationtroubleConcrete nouns: elevatortree

Is Chicago a concrete or abstract nouns?

Is Chicago a abstract noun or a concrete noun

What is abstract and concrete in this sentence justice is an important principle in a democracy?

The abstract nouns in the sentence are:justiceprincipledemocracyAll of these nouns are words for concepts. There are no concrete nouns in the sentence.

What is the abstract noun of mother priest friend?

The abstract nouns for these concrete nouns are:motherhoodpriesthoodfriendship

What is complete nouns?

abstract nouns refer to thing that are not concrete;

Is blackbeard a abstract noun or a concrete noun?

Abstract nouns

How do you turn noun to abstract noun?

You don't, some nouns are abstract some are concrete. Abstract nouns are nouns that refer to something we cannot see or touch; they're ideas, feelings, concepts. Concrete nouns can be used in an abstract concept such as the concrete noun road as 'the road to happiness', or the concrete noun bucket as 'a bucket of dreams'. The concept has changed, not the word.

Concrete and Abstract nouns?

Concrete nouns are things that are able to be identify with your five senses. And abstract nouns are things that are not able to be identified. Such as wealth, imagination, wonder, team, and peaceful. :)

Which articles are used with abstract nouns?

The same articles are used for abstract nouns as for concrete nouns. Examples:the theorya brainstorman accident

Which of these words is an abstract noun philosopher priest melancholy politics?

The abstract nouns are melancholy (an emotion) and politics (a concept).The nouns 'priest' and 'philosopher' are concrete nouns as words for a person.

Is snowboarding a concrete or abstract noun?

Snowboarding is an activity, an action. Many action nouns are neither concrete nor abstract. Although detectable by the senses, they are not physical objects like concrete nouns.