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its the drain line for water to drain

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Hole in your transition betweenfurnace an the evaporator will this cause the evaporator to freeze up

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Q: What is a condensate line in a furnace?
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How do you clean a condensate line in the furnace?

Use compressed air.

How can you tell if its a high efficiency furnace?

pvc flue pipe and has a condensate drain

What is hammering in steam header's how can you avoid it?

condensate,bleed line of all condensate

How do solve problem of furnace condensation line from freezing up outside our building andthis causes our furnace to stop?

It is generally (pretty much always) a no no to run a furnace condensate line to the outdoors, there is no avoiding this freezing up and stopping your furnace short of wrapping it with electric heat tape, which would be a bandaid at best and no more cheaper than correcting it. If the furnace is running condensate outside, I have to assume there is no drain near by. The best solution is to install a condensate pump, which the furnace and AC can drain into, and it then pumps to a different location indoors, like a laundry stack, or if you must, tap into a drain pipe with the proper fittings. If this is above your skill level, it would not be a bank buster to call a good contractor and have done. The pumps are about $60 in my area, and you can figure 1/2 hr to 3/4 hour to install by a contractor.

Furnace Condensate line overflowing after heavy rain what do i do?

Head to the roof, and check your vent line cover. It's basically a tiny roof for your furnace vent. You likely have a leak allowing water to fall down to the furnace. I would recommend being proactive about this: even though you have a drain leg, it can still allow moisture to get into your heat exchanger, which will mean a new furnace in a few years. Not to be an alarmist, but I'd take care of it soon.

The reason for hammering in steam line?

condensate in the steam piping, probably due to improper slope of piping to allow condensate flow out.

Furnance leaks water when the ac is running after a couple of hours?

Condensate forms on the AC coil as the AC runs for a while. AC units are supposed to have a condensate tube that's designed to drain the water. If the tube is plugged or otherwise damaged the condensate will back up and get into the furnace. To avoid damage you should make sure the condensate is draining properly.

Why is the pan at the bottom of ac furnace filling up with water even when your condensate pump works?

Have you checked your drain to make sure it is not plugged?

What if the overflow pipe for your ac unit is overflowing?

First, make sure that it is the overflow. AC units have a condensation line. This is a necessary option as cooling the air causes condensation, much like a cold glass of water will condensate on the outside of the glass. The condensate line should be draining to a safe place, and draining whenever the unit is running. The unit should also have a secondary condensate line (overflow). this line should be separate from the main condensate line and be draining to a conspicuous place. If this line is draining, then you should check to see if the primary drain line is plugged. Anything from lint and dust to dead rats and mice have been pulled out of condensate drain lines. If you do not know how to get to this, call a professional and use the primary and secondary condensate verbiage to let him know that you are not an ignorant putz that he can take advantage of. That should save you a few dollars on the bill. Hope this helps. Terry

What furnace is 98 percent efficient?

Lennox top o the line furnace is 98.2 percent efficient

Where is 83 Ford Taurus condensate line?

there is no 1983 Ford Taurus.....they arrived in 1986.

What is difference between naptha and condensate?

Naphtha is a petroleum condensate, therefore it is a condensate, therefore they are both condensate.

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