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A video output device facing a speaker or presenter and displaying graphics or text that may be displayed behind the presenter or in another room, thus allowing the person to present to his audience with full "confidence" of what is being shown elsewhere out of his/her line of sight.

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Which spelling is correct self confidence or self-confidence?

its self confidence

Sentences using the word confidence?

have confidence in yourself. You will do great.

What is sentence for confidence?

General, what has happened to your self-confidence?Don't forget to greet the interviewer with confidence.

What part of speech is confidence?

Confidence is a noun. "She has confidence." The adjective form of confidence is confident. "He is confident." The adverb form of confidence is confidently. "She walked confidently into the room."

What is the better sentence you don't have confidence or you have no confidence?

Either is correct, but they have slightly different implications. "don't have confidence" implies that you're lacking confidence to some extent, while "have no confidence" emphasizes that you have ZERO confidence, period.

What is the difference between confident and confidence?

confident is an adjective He had a confident smile. confidence is a noun He has real confidence in his abilities. i have confidence.

What is difference between confidence and over confidence?

Confidence is a river; easy to swim. But over confidence is a ocean; difficult to stay.

What output devices would be useful for a journalist?

A monitor, a printer and a speaker.A monitor, a printer and a speaker.A monitor, a printer and a speaker.A monitor, a printer and a speaker.A monitor, a printer and a speaker.A monitor, a printer and a speaker.A monitor, a printer and a speaker.A monitor, a printer and a speaker.A monitor, a printer and a speaker.A monitor, a printer and a speaker.A monitor, a printer and a speaker.

What is the suffix of the word confidence?


What should comes first confidence and then achievements or achievements then the confidence?

confidence then achievements cause you need confidence to achieve some thing.

How you use the word confidence in a sentence?

Now you may proceed with confidence. The confidence man is a con-man. NOW have I gained your confidence?

How do you use confidence into a sentence?

Confidence is needed to do many things. Self confidence can be supported by the people around you. Confidence! Rallied the girl.

What happens to the confidence interval if you increase the confidence level?

The confidence interval becomes wider.

Need a sentence using self-confidence?

you need to boost your self-confidence

Different between confident and confidence?

CONFIDENCE Confidence is an adjective and means to be sure of oneself. Confidence is a noun and is the state of feeling of trust in another.

What are the different brands of monitors?

samsung monitor, onida monitor,hp monitor,panasonic monitor,

Confidence and self esteem?

confidence is your mom.

Who is the saint of confidence?

There is no patron saint of confidence.

What is a good title for an essay about confidence?


What is the french word for confidence?

confidence = confiance

Is confidence a virtue?

Yes, confidence is a virtue.

How do you say confidence in Spanish?

Confidence is: confianza

Is the monitor hardware or software?

A computer monitor is hardware. It only provides for display.

The width of a confidence interval is equal to twice the value of the margin of error?

No. The width of the confidence interval depends on the confidence level. The width of the confidence interval increases as the degree of confidence demanded from the statistical test increases.

What is meant by a 95 percent confidence interval?

Confidence IntervalsConfidence interval (CI) is a parameter with a degree of confidence. Thus, 95 % CI means parameter with 95 % of confidence level. The most commonly used is 95 % confidence interval.Confidence intervals for means and proportions are calculated as follows:point estimate ± margin of error.