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ano-anu ang kaanyuang pisikal ng asya

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Q: What is a continent defined as?
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What is a definiton for continent?

A continent is defined as a large, continuous landmass.

What is the correct definition of continent?

A continent is defined as a large, continuous landmass.

Can Central America be defined as a continent?


Why is Africa defined as a continent?

Africa is defined as a continent because it makes up a lot of the Earth's surface and is a huge landmass. Although it is slightly connected to Asia, it is pretty much on its own and is virtually a detached continent.

Antarctica is defined as a continent for science and peace in?

The Antarctic Treaty defines Antarctica as a continent for science and peace.

What continent have a island?

All continents have island associated with them. However, an island is technically not part of a continent. A continent is defined as one continuous land mass and an island is not connected to the continent.

Why is Antarctica known as the continent?

Continents are usually defined by convention rather than by strict definition. Depending on where you learn geography, there are either six or seven continents on earth, always including Antarctica as one. Generally, a continent is defined as being surrounded by water. Antarctica fits this. Greenland, however, is defined as an island, while Australia is defined as a continent. Both are surrounded by water.

Who discovered and defined the north east American coast as part of a continent?


What continent doesn't have countries?

Antarctica doesn't have any countries, if defined in terms of political divisions.

What make a continent different from state?

A continent is a physical geographic feature, defined as a separate landmass. A state is a politically established entity that does not necessarily follow geographic features.

Which continent is Europe attached to?

Europe is attached to Asia. Some people think it should be one continent called Eurasia, seeing as there is no defined border between the two.

Is Oceania a continent within a region of the Pacific Ocean?

Oceania is not a continent, but a region. It comprises the continent of Australia, the islands of New Zealand and New Guinea, and several small Pacific islands and territories. There remains dispute over whether or not Oceania is a continent. A continent is theoretically defined as a land mass - which Oceania is not.