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In science, a "control group" is a group of test subjects that do not receive any of the experimental food/ gas/ poison/ bizarre additions to their environment, etc., that the

other groups in the test do get.)

For example, if you wanted to see the effects of feeding plutonium to hamsters,

(not recommended by the way)

you would get two groups of hamsters. One group is fed the plutonium, and all effects

would be observed. (none would be good)

What you need to show what happens to ordinary hamsters over the same period of time

is called a "control group".

This would be a (luckier) group of hamsters that were not fed the plutonium.

Then you could show the differences (considerable) of the resultant effects on the two groups.

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Q: What is a control and control group?
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Why should expieriments have a control group?

The control group in an experiment is the group that nothing is done to. The reason why there is a control group in experiments is to compare it with the group that has been tested.

Why do you use a control group?

You use a control group to compare the results of the experimental group to. The control group has the "normal" results. After the experiment, you can tell if and what has changed from the control groups results

What is a control or control group?

the group that does not change in the experiment VIVI :)

What is the control group used for?

The control group is used for exprimenting

Why do you need a a control group?

You need a control group to compare your experimental group to something.

What is a control group in a science experiment?

A control group is the unaffected group in a science experiment.

Why did mendels use pure lines in his experiment?

He needed a control group. *Apex*

What is a control in a scientific experiment?

A control refers to the "control group" in a scientific experiment. The control group is compared to the experimental group. For example, pretend you are experimenting to see if a drug works. Group A (The experimental group) is given the real drug, and Group B (The control group) is given a fake drug (placebo) to compare results.

What was the initial observation identify the control group?

the control group is the group or subject that is not affected by what you are testing for.

Can you use control group in a sentence?

A control group is nothing changed about it

What statement about control group is false?

the control group is recieving the medication

What is A baseline for an experimental investigation is provided by the?

Control Group