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A data dictionary is dictionary which contain meta data. data about data is called meta data.

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Q: What is a data dictionary?
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What is the purpose of a data dictionary?

A data dictionary is used in computing to mean a compilation of information about data. The purpose of a data dictionary is to give important information about the data it documents.

Where the data dictionary used in software engineering?

example of data dictionary

Difference between meta data and data dictionary?

Data dictionary is a repository to store all information. Meta data is data about data. It is data that defines other data. The data dictionary can be metadata that describes some information about the database.

What is data dictionary what are the contents of it and for what is used?

Data dictionary it contains the names and description of the dictionary tables and views.

What is the purpose of a data dictionary in Oracle?

A data dictionary is a centralized repository of information about data,. The purpose of a data dictionary in oracle is to indicate a more general software utility than a catalogue.

What is the difference between data dictionary and catalog?

Data dictionary allow the user to split data about in multiple direction

What is a data dictionary in software engineering?

Data dictionary is a set of meta-data which contains the definition and representation of data elements.It gives a single point of reference of data repository of an organization.Data dictionary lists all data elements but does not say anything about relationships between data elements.

How are the elements used for user permissions in a data dictionary?

how are the elements used for user permissions in the data dictionary

What is a document that describes database objects and their data types?

Describe what would happen if there were no data dictionary for a given database.

What is difference between data dictionary and database schema?

DATABASE is a repository of data...... it is a place which holds the entire data together......while DATA DICTIONARY defines the basis to distinguish the data....this can be in the form of tables, views

What is Data Dictionary in DBMS?

data dictionary- Used to store schema descriptions and other information such as design decisions, application program descriptions, user information, usage standards, etc. Active data dictionary is accessed by DBMS software and users/DBA. Passive data dictionary is accessed by users/DBA only.

A detailed description of all data used in the database IS CALLED?

Data Dictionary.

How does the data dictionary serves as an important data management tool?

maintaining data in updated form

What is the difference between active and passive data dictionary?

The integrated data dictionary is called active if it is checked by DBMS every time a data base is accessed. It is always consistent with actual data base structure. It is automatically maintained by the system.The integrated data dictionary is called passive if it is not used in day to day database processing.

Which of these is not a level of the data storage hierarchy?


16 The DBMS stores definitions of the data elements and their relationships in?

data dictionary

What is the importance of data dictionary in DBMS?

A data dictionary contains a list of all files in the database, the number of records in each file, and the names and types of each field. Data dictionaries do not contain any actual data from the database, only bookkeeping information for managing it. Without a data dictionary, however, a database management system cannot access data from the database.

What is data dictionary of c plus plus?

A data dictionary is structured data about data (metadata), typically employed by a DBMS, either passively (requiring manual, independant updating), or actively (automatically updated alongside and prior to DBMS updates). Data dictionarie's don't really apply to the C++ language as such, but you can model a data dictionary using C++ wherever you need structured data about data within your database programs.

What is the Componentes of dbms?

Data Definition Lenguage (DDL) Data Manipulation Lenguage (DML) Data Dictionary

Write a short note on data dictionary?

Data Dictionary means that data about data i.e, meta data. And Meta Data means that the properties about your data. Example: - By Right clicking on any file or folder and selecting the properties option. and the properties dialog box will open on your screen as properties is called Meta Data.

What are four reasons for compiling a complete data dictionary?

One reason is to keep clean and consistent data. By understanding the process of data dictionary compilation, it can aid the system analyst in conceptualizing the system and how it works.

When creating database with a DBMS you must create a description of the data called?

data dictionary

How do you use data in a sentence?

The data she typed into the computer was flawed. For "was" read "were" ---"data" is a plural word - check your dictionary.

What is a repository for definitions of data processes data flows data stores and data elements.?

The repository for definitions of data processes data flows data stores and data elements is the "DATA DICTIONARY"

Which data structures used in T9 dictionary?

Tries, it is a kind of tree data structure that can be used.