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Saturn takes 10 hours and 48 minutes to rotate once on its axis.

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How long s a day on Saturn?

A day on Saturn is 10.7 hours

How long is a day on the planet Saturn in your earth day?

A day on Saturn is about 11 hours on Earth.

How long is a day on Saturn compared to a day on Earth?

A day on Saturn lasts 10.6 hours, while a day on Earth lasts about 24 hours. So a Day on Saturn is 44.4% as long as an Earth day.

What day of the week was named after the Roman God?

Saturday: Day of Saturn, the Roman God Saturn. (Saturn's Day)

What causes day and night in Saturn?

Day and night on Saturn is caused by the its rotation around the Sun. Much like the Earth, the Sun provides the day and night cycle for Saturn.

What day of the week is named after Saturn?

Saturday is named after Saturn.

How hot is Saturn on a normal day?

SATURN IS 10000000000000000000000C HOT

Why is a Saturn year shorter than a Saturn day?

It isn't

How many period of rotations does Saturn have each day?

The period of rotation of Saturn is 1 Saturn day. Measured in comparision to Earth, Saturn rotates about once every 10 Earth hours, so you could say that Saturn rotates 2.4 times an Earth day.

How long is year and a day on Saturn?

A year on Saturn is the equivalent of 29.5 Earth years. A day on Saturn is 10 hours and 39 minuets long.

Length of a day on saturn?

Saturn doesn't have one time period for its day, but its about 0.444 Earth days.

What is the length of day on Saturn?

the length of a day on Saturn is ten earth hours and thirty six minutes.

How long does it take for Saturn to rotate on it's axis?

A planet's day is the time it takes the planet to rotate or spin once on its axis. Saturn rotates faster than Earth so a day on Saturn is shorter than a day on Earth. A day on Saturn is 10.656 hours long.

What is the length of 1 day for Saturn?

A day on Saturn is 10 hours, 39 minutes. There was a six minute difference between Voyager and Ulysses measurements of the Saturn day.

What is the day and night cycle of Saturn?

how long is one night on saturn

Is there a night and day time on Saturn?

Yes. Saturn DOES have night and day. Each half day (12 hours) consists of 10 hours.

How many hours in Saturn is one day?

One day for Saturn is 10 hours.This is just one rotation.

How many times does Saturn spin in one earth day?

saturn rotates 1.25 times in a earth day

Is a day on Saturn longer than a day on Mercury?


What is the reason that Saturn has a shorter day than Earth?

well as Saturn is further away from the sun. the sun, represents day.Therefore a shorter day. :)

Which goddess is named after the sixth day of the week?

Saturn, but saturn was a god not a goddess.

How many earth hours is in one Saturn day on Saturn?

10.2 hours

How long is one earth day on Saturn?

one day on saturn in earth days is 10 hours and 37 minutes

How many earth days equal one day on Saturn?

it is 10.66 hours on earth that equal one day on Saturn

How long is a day on the planet Saturn?

On the planet Saturn, a single day lasts ten hours thirty-nine minutes. This refers to the time it takes for Saturn to rotate on its axis.

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