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A decomposer in the Rainforest is a fungus type organism, such as mushrooms or moss.

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What is an example of a rainforest food web?


Is a chimpanzee a decomposer or a predator?

Neither. They are carnivores. So predator, sure. But; they are also prey for jaguars in the rainforest.

Is a sunflower a decomposer?

A sunflower is a producer. It is not a decomposer.

Is a whale a decomposer?

a whale is not a decomposer. it is a decomposer

What Are Some Examples of Rainforest Decomposers?

A termite is a decomposer in the rain forest. Along with worms, and beetles. Fungi and ants are also considered decomposers in the rain forest.

Can a decompoder eat a decomposer?

No a decomposer can't eat a decomposer

Is a bean a decomposer?

No, it's not a decomposer. Plants can't be a decomposer.

What decomposer plant is in the rainforest?

Certain types of fungi act as decomposers in the rainforests. With the help of insects and the heat, decomposers can break things down in as little as 24 hours.

What is a characteristics of decomposer?

It is a decomposer

Is a tarantula a decomposer?

no. it is not a decomposer.

Is an octopus a consumer or producer or decomposer?


Is a snake a decomposer or a comsumer?

a snake is a consumer. not a decomposer because a decomposer decmpose stuff; for explame a batacria is decomposer!!!!!!!!

Is a dragonfly a consumer decomposer or a producer?

A Decomposer is a dragonfly really a decomposer

Are roses a decomposer?

No a rose is not a decomposer. A decomposer is things like worms and fungus.

Is a snake a producer decomposer or consumer?

A snake is a consumer.

Is a mite a decomposer?

a mite is a decomposer

Is Algea a decomposer?

no algae is not a decomposer

Is yeast a consumer or decomposer?


Is a crustacean a decomposer?

crustacean is not a decomposer

Is a sanke a decomposer?

No snake is a decomposer

Is a earthworm a decomposer?

Is bread a decomposer

Is a niche a consumer or decomposer?


Is a cricket consumer or decomposer?


Is a crayfish a decomposer or producer?


Is a baboon a decomposer?

is a baboon a decomposer