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What is a dentist?

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A dentist is a professional person (similar to a doctor) who takes care of your teeth, gums and mouth. Among other things, a dentist also provides fillings when necessary and removes teeth when necessary.

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What is a reason dentist love to be a dentist?

Dentist love to be dentist because they make money.

What are the employment opportunities for being a dentist?

In becoming a dentist some opportunitie are being a private dentist, a local dentist or just being a dentist to the public. The government helps you.

What could you buy for a dentist?

for a male dentist a dentist set with a few handy equipments would be best. for a female dentist a flower or statue of dentist would be cool

What do you call a dentist in bed it a joke?

A dentist in bed is a tooth dentist. This is a joke.

Dentist vs optometrist?


What is a pediatric dentist called?


Is dentist an adjective?

Dentist is a noun.

How do you use the word dentist in a sentence?

You can say "Do i have to go to the dentist?" or "That dentist is very nice to me."

What is the average salary for a dentist?

Here are a few links for the average salary for a dentist. What is the average salary for a dentist?,,

What can you do about your dentist overbilling?

Find a new dentist.

What are the fringe benefits of a dentist?

what benefits do dentist get?

How many dentist are there?

there is a lot of dentist out there in the world!

Who earns more physiotherapist or dentist?

a dentist

Who earns more a dentist or a plumber?


How do you change the word dentist into an adjective?

you can by telling a dentist that you have to go to the toilet during a dentist apointment.

where can we get Best Dentist In Bhopal?

we can get Best Dentist In Bhopal at smile-gallery-com.

What entry requirements are needed to be a dentist?

whats need to be a dentist whats need to be a dentist whats need to be a dentist

How can an Indian dentist get a job in Italy?

dentist is a good job. if you need i will provide some names of dentist.

Does the word 'dentist' start with a capital letter?

Since the word 'dentist' is a common noun, you should only capitalize it if at the start of a sentence or part of a name/title (Eg. Senior Dentist or Dentist Smith).

Where do the dentist work?

In the dentist office, smart one.

What is the career satisfaction of being a dentist?

being a dentist.

How much do dentist get paid a month?

ask a dentist

What is the job outlook of a dentist?

hows the out look for a dentist

How do you become a equine dentist?

go to dentist school

What did the monster eat after the dentist filled his tooth?

The Dentist