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What is a dingle berry?

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A dingle berry is a slang term for a small piece of feces that gets caught in anal hair, most often at the end of defecation. Dingle berries can happen to anyone: human, horse, dog, cat.

Dingle berry can also be used as term of stupidity or an insult. As in, "You are as smart as a dingle berry," or "You have the personality of a dingle berry."

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What is dingle berry?

A 'dingle berry' is a wad of animal waste that gets caught near its behind or in its tail hair.Originally called dangle or dingle berries, it is a term of stupidity or an insult. As in, "You are as smart as a dingle berry," or "You have the personality of a dingle berry."Also:Dingleberry, Vaccinium erythrocarpum, a type of cranberry

Is there a real berry called a dingle berry?

There is no real berry called a dingle berry.A dingle berry is a clot of fecal matter caught in the hairs around an animals anus.It is also an insult, usually inferring stupidity.Yes there is.Dingleberry, Vaccinium erythrocarpum, a type of cranberry

What is a funny weird word?

flup,gahoot,dingle hopper,dingle berry,flagnoggs

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water ferry

Can you pee and sneeze at the same time?

no your dingle berry will get clogged

What does dingo berry mean?

This is likely to be a "mis-heard" version of the insult "dingle berry" which is also referenced on A "dingle berry" is a small wad of animal waste which gets caught in, and dangles from, the hair or fur around the anus of an animal or human.

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Meam isn't a real word dingle berry!

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dingle berry

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jackrabbits come from the word dingle which come frmo the word dingleberry so jackrabbits are really a big dingle berry in the forest

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