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2 plate tectonic plates that move away from each other. The most active divergent boundaries are between mid-oceanic ridges . A divergent boundary is an area in the Earth's crust where two plates have been pulled apart like at a spreading center.
A divergent boundary is when two plates are moving away from each other.

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Q: What is a divergent boundary?
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What is a sentence with the word divergent boundary?

Often, a divergent boundary within a continent will produce rifts, which will produce rift valleys. A divergent boundary may also be referred to as an extensional boundary, a constructive boundary, or a divergent plate boundary.

What is happening at a divergent boundary?

is formed at a divergent plate boundary

What do a divergent boundary look like?

what does a divergent boundary look like

Volcano villarrica located on divergent or convrgent boundary?

divergent boundary

What are the 2 types of divergent boundaries?

Oceanic - oceanic divergent boundary and Continental - oceanic divergent boundary.

What type of plate boundary created the Iceland volcano?

a divergent boundary on land

What feature is formed in divergent boundary?

A divergent boundary's feature is a Mid-Ocean Ridge if the divergent boundary is underwater.

Is Yellowstone located at a divergent plate boundary?

it is on a hot spot not a divergent plate boundary

What is created along a divergent boundary?

a rift valley forms along the divergent boundary

What plate boundary separates the North American plate from the African plate?

A Divergent plate boundary.

What is the antonym for divergent boundary?

convergent boundary

What boundary is el misti on?

it is on a divergent boundary

What does a Divergent Boundary do?

The divergent boundary moves away from each other and create a rift zone.

How plates move at a divergent boundary?

Plates are moved at a divergent boundary by the magma pushing upwards.

What do tectonic plates do at a divergent plate boundary?

At a divergent boundary tectonic plates move apart.

Is Iceland on a convergent divergent or transform boundary?


What is a divergent boundary and how it work?

A divergent boundary is where two tectonic plates move away from each-other.

Is the mid ocean ridge a divergent boundary?

The mid-oceanic ridge is located at a divergent plate boundary.

How can you use divergent boundary in a sentence?

A divergent boundary is when two (or more) tectonic plates move apart..

What is the fastest spreading divergent plate boundary?

The ocean ridge is the fastest spreading divergent plate boundary.

At what boundary do plates move apart?

Divergent boundary.

What kind of plate boundary is mt.hekla?

Divergent boundary!

Which boundary is mt st helens on?

divergent boundary

What plate boundary is rabaul on?

It is a Divergent plate Boundary.

What boundary does a rift valley form at?

A divergent boundary.