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what is domestic judgment mean?

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Q: What is a domestic judgment?
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Is a Domestic Judgment renewable in Mississippi?

It is renewable if "A judgment or decree can be renewed only if, at the time of renewal, the existing judgment or decree has not expired." So if it has not expired it can be renewed.

When a judgment for credit card debt is established in California does the amount remain the same until paid or does it escalate with interest and fees?

A California domestic judgment accrues interest at 10% until paid, no other fees involved.

How do you collect a judgment when the judgment debtor resides in a different state?

File a "foreign judgment" against the real property owned by the judgment debtor. This is done by contacting the tax assessor/land office in the county where the debtor resides. If the debtor does not have real property that can be encumbered by a lien, the judgment holder will need to secure a domestic judgment (requires another suit) from the state court in the county where the debtor resides to seize personal property or garnish wages for the repayment of the debt.

What is the SOL on credit card debt in Virginia?

Open accounts (credit cards) 3 years from DLA, written contract 5 years from activation date, domestic judgment 20 years, foreign judgment 10 years.

How long does an unpaid judgment stay on a credit report?

Seven years or until the SOL pertaining to the judgment expires. Many states have domestic judgment SOL's that are 10 or 20 years, and many judgments are renewable. The older the judgment becomes, the less affect it has on the credit score. It will may cause other problems, for example, if the consumer wants to buy or refinance a home and in some cases, a vehicle(s), the lender may require the judgment be paid before approving any loan.

Who is the grantor in an abstract of judgment?

In an abstract judgment the grantor is the judgment creditor. The grantee of the abstract judgment is the judgment debtor.

What is the statute of limitation for debt in Michigan?

Open accounts (credit cards)..6 years, written contract..6 years, UCC..4 years, domestic or foreign judgment..10 years.

Can you file bankruptcy on a fraud judgment?

If there is a judgment AGAINST you for fraud, then NO, such a judgment WILL NOT be discharged.

Can a car be reposessed after judgment?

Whether or not a car can be repossessed after a judgment depends on the judgment.

How justice is different from judgment?

Justice is the outcome of judgment, judgment brings justice.

Can they seize your property in a different state from were the judgment was made?

For a state court judgment, no.For a state court judgment, no.For a state court judgment, no.For a state court judgment, no.

What is the definition of Reasonable judgment?

reasonable judgment

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