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What is a door person?


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The old name was Bouncer. These were the security guards of years gone by. The Term Door person is now someone licenced (in the UK particularly) to be a security person on the access door to clubs, pubs and social gatherings.


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If someone is knocking at the door, you could:answer the dooranswer the door and choose your response to the personanswer the door and tell the person you are not interested (ex. a door to door salesperson)answer the door and invite the person inside (ex. a family member)answer the door but tell the person you're busy or give an excuseignore the knocking

A person selling from door to door is called: a. an outside salesperson b. a peddler c. a door-to-door salesman d. a solicitor (in America). A solicitor is an attorney in England.

The person who opens the door in traffic, The reason why is when anyone exits their vehicle they should always look and be sure it is clear and safe to do so. If a person does open their door in traffic and causes an accident regardless of whether the door is damaged or not that person is liable for damages, injuries to property and people as a result of negligence.

A solicitor? Possibly? Aren't they called a salesperson?

The light reflected from the person is absorbed by the door. So there's none left on your side to enter your eyes and form an image of the person, or of anything else on his side of the door.

The website Adzuna lists the average salary for a door to door sales person in Canada as $37,672. This is 23% lower than the average Canadian salary.

The implication of 'at the door' is that a person is waiting to be given access or at least to talk with someone who is at home. It would usually be a person who is 'at the door'. "The repair man is at the door", "John and Mary are at the door." 'By the door' could refer usually to any object that happens to be near the door, inside or outside. "Where is mom's umbrella?" "It's by the front door".

An entrepreneur (on-tra-pen-new-er).

the priest the nurse the doctor and the person called one door entered the room the fourth person is called one door

Blue Door Shelters in an organisation which offers shelter for any person who should need it. Whether this be a homeless person or even a family, Blue Door Shelters can help.

It varies by country and/or state. In most areas, the person opening the door is liable for any damage.

Go to that address, knock on the door, and ask the person who answers the door what their surname is.

I know of a case where a person opened a door on a narrow road and it was struck by another vehicle driving down the road. The person opening the door was at fault. Your situation sounds a bit different but the person opening the door may be at fault.

a wicket is a person size door set into the main gate door

The fault is at the person who opened the door. The person pulling in. They should of know you were coming out the car and waited then park.

It is the person who opens the door. Of course it is dangerous to speed, but surely you would see a fast car coming towards you, so if you were smart, you would wait until the car has past :)

Generally, a door to door salesman would be referred to as a solicitor. If he/she is advertising a product of their own creation they may be called an entrepreneur. They are also called peddlers, or just door-to-door salesman.

To open a door on a 1998 Avenger that has a broken handle, a person might have to use another door to gain entry to the vehicle. Then the door can be opened from the inside.

It means that Jesus (God) is trying to get your attention, as knocking on the door means come to the door and respond to the person who's there.

The person who opened the car door. Anytime a person or vehicle is entering into traffic, it is their responsibility to be certain that it is safe to proceed.

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