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A double pupil is a condition a person may be born with. There is a smaller pupil or opening adjacent to the normal pupil. It is still located within the iris and does not affect one's vision. This in old times was known as a "witch's eye".

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Q: What is a double pupil?
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When your pupil changes sizes what is it called?

Myosis = contraction of the pupil Mydriasis = dilation of the pupil

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The plural of pupil is pupils.

How do you use pupil in a sentence?

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Is a student a Pupil?

Yes, a student is a pupil.

What controls the size of the pupil?

The iris controls the size of the pupil; the bigger the pupil, the more light enters the retina; the smaller the pupil, the less light.

Is pupil a common noun?

Yes, pupil is a common noun, a general word for any pupil anywhere.

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Your pupil is located in the middle of your eye.

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How do you compare the shape of the pupil in the dissected eye with your own pupil?

You can compare the shape of the pupil in the dissected eye with your own pupil by looking at the size. You can also compare by looking at the color.

How do you compare the shape of the pupil in a dissected eye with our own pupil?

There are many ways to compare the shape of the pupil in a dissected eye with our own pupil. One is to examine general diameter.

Where is the pupil in your eye?

The pupil is the black center part of the eye.

How many pupil are in an eye?

There is one pupil in each eye.

What is the English word for balintataw?

It's PUPIL as in pupil of the eye

What part of the eye detects light iris or pupil?


What is the plural form of pupil?

The plural form of pupil is pupils.

Is the pupil of the eye a lens too?

no...the pupil is just a space

What refers to contraction of the pupil?

The pupil constricts when it becomes smaller.

What is the hole in the middle of your iris called?

It is called the pupil.

What does bright light do to the pupil?

in bright light the pupil shrinks

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Another name for a pupil is a student.

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A sheep's pupil is horizontal to the ground.

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The appropriate antonym applicable for pupil is teacher.