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A Toner Cartridge holds toner and dispenses it as needed to make copies (in a copier) or to print pages (in a printer).

Another element in xerographic copiers is the photoreceptor drum. This is the surface to which the toner adheres before being transfered to the paper. The photoreceptor has a long but finite useful lifetime and must be replaced occasionally. Some copiers/printers have drum cartridges which can be changed out by the user. The alternative would be to have a service person open the machine and replace the photoreceptor drum.

So, a drum cartridge alows the user to replace the photoreceptor drum and a toner cartridge allows the user to replenish toner supplies, both easier than before cartridges were developed for this purpose.

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What is the difference between a drum and a cartridge?

A drum is for laser printers, while a cartridge is more for inkjets. They're mutually exclusive.

How do I get rid of wide black line down middle of copies?

This happens on LASER printers when the drum is damaged. On modern LASER printers the drum is part of the toner cartridge. Replacing the black toner cartridge should solve the problem.

What causes a ghosted image on a printout?

caused by a problem with the image drum or toner cartridge.

What printer use a drum and toner in the printing process?

A Laser printer uses a drum and toner. A laser negatively charges the drum (a big rotating tube) at certain points, making a mirror copy of the item to be printed. The drum rotates past a toner cartridge, in which are positively charged particles of toner. The positively charged toner is attracted to the negatively charged parts of the drum, and leaves the neutral space in between blank. The drum then presses onto a sheet of paper, transferring the image. A quick heat of the paper seals in the toner (That's why the paper is always warm when it comes out of the printer), and there you go, an image!

What type of printers require a drum cartridge?

Xerographic copiers require a printer drum, where toner is applied before being transferred to paper.

What is a toner cartridge?

A LaserJet toner cartridge is a cartridge made up of 2 halves. The halves are either designed as a single unit or designed as two individual units that will work as a single unit once installed. Canon and HP have mostly toner cartridges that are two halves that make up one unit or toner cartridge. The two halve are made up of a drum half and a toner half. The Drum half or waste bin has four main components. The drum which is made of metal has a unique coating on it so that allows it to apply the toner to the paper. It is the only part of the cartridge that makes direct contact with the paper. There is also a PCR or Primary Charge Roller that sits up against the drum. Directly under the drum is the wiper blade, whose job it is to clean all of the old waste toner off the drum as it turns during printing. The Toner half is made up 3 main components. First there is the Mag or Developer Roller. It is often referred to as the Mag because there is a magnet that is in the developer roller that runs the length of it. Not all cartridges have a magnet in the developer roller but the majority do. Directly under the Mag is the Doctor Blade and it is it's job to make sure the Mag gets a even coat of Toner. The Toner is the last component, its specific elements vary for between cartridges but without it, we'd all be using inkjets or working on our handwriting. No matter what style of cartridge, almost all have these two halve in some form.

Is there a cartridge combining drum and toner?

Almost all of HP and Canon's laserjet toner cartridges are made up of a toner half and a drum half that are connected by either 2 pins or a end cap with screws. But if you are referring to a cartridge that uses separate toner and drum units that need to be combined in order to work in your printer, there are several printer manufacturers that have those style of printers. Brother printers are famous for this, as well as many Xerox, Sharp and few others. For example, the Brother HL series printers all use both a TN series cartridge and a DR series cartridge. These need to be connected together first, then they can be inserted into the printer to be used as a single cartridge. With the Xerox X series and the Sharp AL series it is slightly different step to combine the two separate units. In these style of printers the drum unit is normally inserted into the printer first then the toner unit is combined with the drum by sliding it into the printer on top of the drum unit till it locks in place.

What is the procedure to replace the printer drum for a Brother brand printer?

Make sure the printer is turned on and the drum LED is blinking. Open the front cover. Slowly pull the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly out of the machine. Push down the green lock and take the cartridge out of the drum unit.

Why is the drum cartridge better than toner cartridge?

All toner cartridges need a drum unit in order to print, with the exception of inkjet printers. I assume you are asking this in regard to printers have the drum unit separate from the toner cartridge. For example a Brother HL series printer, a Xerox, a Sharp or something similar. On these style printers the Drum unit has a much larger page yield then the corresponding toner half and as a result doesn't have to be changed nearly as often. The idea is that, even among regular style toner cartridges, the drum with it's unique coating can maintain a high print quality for a length of time greater then the amount of pages that a toner cartridge can print. The reason is that the industry standard is based on a page yield of 10% page coverage which is roughly equal to a complete single paragraph business letter. The drum, which doesn't have an element that is as readily consumed as the toner, can last up to 2 or 3 times as long. Even with HP and Canon LaserJet style toner cartridges that have both halves together, the drum is usually still good. This is especially true with remanufactured toner cartridges where the drum, with the correct care and cleaning procedures applied, can be reused at least one or two more times with out having to worry about the potential loss of print quality.

How do you replace toner cartridge on a Canon PC745 copier?

It is an all in one imaging unit (Canon E-40)...drum & developer/toner are in one cartridge. you just open the shell of the machine and the unit slides out towards you on the display side of the machine.

Toner for Printer: How It Works?

Toner for a printer is supplied in a toner cartridge. It is generally made of plastic and pigment, supplied with an electrical charge, which is essential to its function. When printing, the drum starts off with a positive charge, and then the printer uses a beam to discharge various spots on the surface of the drum, which creates an electrostatic image onto the surface. Finally, the toner coats the surface of the drum, and the paper picks up the image.

Ink Toner Cartridge?

You often hear people mention that they have to replace the ink toner cartridge in their printer. This is a bit of a misnomer since there is not actually any ink inside the cartridge. Toner is a dry powder that is attracted to the printer drum unit by means of an electrostatic charge. The result is the same as what would be produced on a printing press from the days when ink was used for books, magazines and newspapers.

Which component normally included in a laser printer's toner cartridge?

Photo Sensitive Drum, cleaning blade, and primary corona wire

How do you change cartridge in Brother HL 2140 printer?

First you need to buy a replacement Brother Tn330 or TN360 black toner cartridge. Then follow these steps1. Open the printer's front door2. Pull out the drum and toner assembly3. Push down on the green lever to remove the toner from the drum.4. Insert new toner cartridge and replace the assembly.For detailed pictures see the extertnal link to the Brother HL-2140 user manual (further down this page, listed under External Links.)

What is a Photosensitive drum?

Aluminum cylinder coated with particles of photosensitive compounds. Used in a laser printer and often contained within the toner cartridge.

What is usually caused by a problem with the image drum or toner cartridge on a printer?

After prolonged printer use, it always happens. The image drum and toner printer are the components of the printer that rely on perfect combination of toner and heat to fuse the toner permanently over the surface of paper. if both of them are overused, they can lead to ghost images, strikes, misprinted areas and other sorts of printing problems.

Does laser printer need ink cartridge?

Laser printers do not use ink, instead static electricity is used to attract ultra-fine powdered plastic "toner" to a special drum and subsequently to the paper where it is heat fused, making the image that is printed. It uses a Toner Cartridge

What is the composition of laser toner?

laser toner consist of : developer drum - where the powder toner gets cooked magnetic roller - where the powder toner gets charged then sticks and gets applied to drum pcr - this is a roller right below the drum this is to secure the paper into the drum toner hopper - where powder toner is stored and here is where magnetic roller pulls toner waste toner hopper - where CHARGED powder toners goes

Printers use a drum and toner in the printing process?

Certain printers do, yes. These types of printers are called Laser Printers. The other type, which uses nozzles and ink cartridges, is called an Ink jet Printer. The drum on a laser printer might not be the kind you're thinking of. It's actually just a big rotating tube that transfers the toner from the toner cartridge to the paper. The toner is particles that have a positive charge, and are attracted to the drum where there is a negative charge (The drum is negatively charged by a laser, thus the name Laser Printer).

List two difference between laser and inkjet printers?

Laser: Toner powder, rotating drum. Inkjet: Liquid Ink, moving print-head.

Besides filling a Laser Printer cartridge with toner how long does an image drum last and how do you check it out?

Most laser printer drums, whether included in the toner cartridge or installed in the printer as a separate unit, will have a life of no fewer than 15,000 pages but some can be 50,000 or even 100,000 pages. It all depends on the service it is designed to expect. Most of the smaller, home-user type of laser printer will have drums that are less robust than those used in office environments. However, if the drum is part of the toner cartridge and therefore gets replaced each time you put in a new cartridge, the life of the drum is of little concern. It should last much longer than the amount of toner that is in the cartridge. Exceptions would be if the drum surface is damaged in some fashion. For example, if someone tries to print labels inside a laser printer (something that is not recommended by any manufacturer!), some of the adhesive of the labels (or sometimes an entire label itself) will adhere to the drum and cause print quality issues such as certain repeating patterns, lines down the page, etc. In that case, the only thing to do is to replace the drum (which hopefully in that case is within the toner cartridge as that is most frequently cheaper to replace than a separate image drum).

On my printer it said dust on drum what is a drum that's on your printer?

Evidently you have a page printing Laser Printer rather than an Inkjet or matrix style. That technology uses a drum. This is similar in concept to a copier, and contains a Drum. It may be an integral part of the toner cartridge.

Which printers use a drum and toner in the printing process?

Laser printers use a drum and toner in the printing process.

List the six steps used by a laser printer to print a page.?

1. Cleaning. The drum is cleaned of any residual toner and electrical charge. 2. Conditioning. The drum is conditioned to contain a high electrical charge. 3. Writing. A laser beam discharges the high charge down to a lower charge, but only in places where toner should go. 4. Developing. Toner is placed onto the drum where the charge has been reduced. 5. Transferring. A strong electrical charge draws the toner off the drum onto the paper. This is the first step that takes place outside the cartridge. 6. Fusing. Heat and pressure fuse the toner to the paper. 1. Cleaning. The drum is cleaned of any residual toner and electrical charge. 2. Conditioning. The drum is conditioned to contain a high electrical charge. 3. Writing. A laser beam discharges the high charge down to a lower charge, but only in places where toner should go. 4. Developing. Toner is placed onto the drum where the charge has been reduced. 5. Transferring. A strong electrical charge draws the toner off the drum onto the paper. This is the first step that takes place outside the cartridge. 6. Fusing. Heat and pressure fuse the toner to the paper.

During the laser printing process what determines when the toner sticks to the drum and when it does not stick to the drum?

Laser printers work by placing toner on an elecrically charged rotating drum and then depositing the toner on paper as the paper moves through the system at the same speed as the drum is turning. The negatively charged toner is more negative than the -100 V charge on the drum surface but less negative than the -600 V. The toner is attracted to the -100 V area of the drum because the -100 is more positive than the toner is; the toner is repelled from the -600 V part of the drum because it is more negative than the toner is.The electric charge at each point on the drum surface. This in turn is determined by the amount of light received by each point on the drum. The process begins by charging the entire drum surface. The image to be copied is then projected onto the drum.