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What is a drum cartridge and what is the difference between a drum cartridge and a toner cartridge?

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2013-04-22 03:01:48

A Toner Cartridge holds toner and dispenses it as needed to make

copies (in a copier) or to print pages (in a printer).

Another element in xerographic copiers is the photoreceptor

drum. This is the surface to which the toner adheres before being

transfered to the paper. The photoreceptor has a long but finite

useful lifetime and must be replaced occasionally. Some

copiers/printers have drum cartridges which can be changed out by

the user. The alternative would be to have a service person open

the machine and replace the photoreceptor drum.

So, a drum cartridge alows the user to replace the photoreceptor

drum and a toner cartridge allows the user to replenish toner

supplies, both easier than before cartridges were developed for

this purpose.

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