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hi, i have a Dunhill Rollagas lighter USRE24163, i would like to know what era was it from/made, and how much does it worth, thanks

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Q: What is a dunhill lighter worth?
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What an old dunhill unique lighter patent no 43752 might be worth It seems to be a metal maybe silver because it is very tarnished?

I cannot say but the Dunhill brand is a highly sought after one. If your lighter is silver, possible as much as a hundred bucks.

What does AD stamped on gold mean?

if its on a lighter it means Andrew Dunhill

Butane gas in dunhill lighter?


How much is a solid silver dunhill baby sylph lighter worth?

Hey! Just saw one Dunhill "Baby Sylph" 1953, ca 23x18 mm worth about 650 Us dollar. I have one made of gold plated brass,worth about the same amount. Extremely rare items!

Where can i find an Exploded diagram of dunhill lighter?

What make of lighter did James Bond light his ladies cigarettes with?

In Dr.No and Goldfinger Bond used a Dunhill Broadboy Mk2 lighter. It is a much better looking lighter than the Mk1, and they are very hard to find.

How much is a vintage Dunhill gold plated leather bound cigarette case worth?

if in mint it is worth £1200

How much is your dunhill tinder pistol worth?

They sell in the range of $40 to $90 dollars

What products are the most popular at Alfred Dunhill?

Some of the Products that are the most popular at Alfred Dunhill is the Dunhill Pursuit by Alfred Dunill for Men, the Dunhill London and the Dunhill Desire.

When was Thomas Dunhill born?

Thomas Dunhill was born in 1877.

When did Thomas Dunhill die?

Thomas Dunhill died in 1946.

When did Dunhill Records end?

Dunhill Records ended in 1975.