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The trade of there food and there ideas from different cultures?

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Q: What is a dynasty give examples from history?
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What was the last Chinese dynasty in history?

It was the Qing Dynasty.

What was the Han Dynasty place in universe?

The Han Dynasty is the second dynasty of Chinese history.

What was the first Chinese imperial dynasty?

xia dynasty is the first dynasty in history of China.

Give examples forces that people do not notice?

i thing this is ome thing i need help for history

Can you give me examples of a headline using elders?

Elders in History Elders Today Elders in Need

What do the Shang Dynasty and the Zhou Dynasty have in common?

They were both feudal.

How is Chinese history organized?

i think Chinese history is organized by dynasty's

What dynasty was the largest in China's history?


The last Chinese dynasty in its history was the?


Is the Chinese history organized by dynasty's?

yes it is

Did the third dynasty began the period in egypians history called the Old Kingdom?

The 3rd dynasty began the Middle Kingdom period in Egyptian History.

Give the examples of eight culture?

Japanese culture: Known for traditions like tea ceremonies and cherry blossom viewing. Indian culture: Rich in dance forms like Bharatanatyam and culinary delights like curry. Mexican culture: Celebrates festivals like Dia de los Muertos with colorful decorations and mariachi music. Italian culture: Famous for pasta dishes and architecture like the Colosseum. French culture: Appreciates fine dining and art like the Louvre museum. Chinese culture: Features practices like tai chi and intricate calligraphy. Brazilian culture: Embraces vibrant samba dance and music during Carnaval. Kenyan culture: Showcases diverse tribes with unique traditions like Maasai beadwork and ceremonies.