What is a environmental cost?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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That refers to the possibility that some activity may harm the environment.

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Q: What is a environmental cost?
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What are ''environmental cost'' and social costs''?

Environmental costs refer to the impact caused by nature

What is the environmental cost of using wind turbines?

Wind turbines generate energy using wind power. This does not affect the surrounding environment, therefore their environmental cost would be minimal.

What is the greatest environmental cost of fossil fuels?

Global warming.

What has the author Joseph J Seneca written?

Joseph J. Seneca has written: 'Environmental economics' -- subject(s): Cost effectiveness, Environmental policy, Environmental protection

What is an example of an environmental cost of tar sands extraction?

Habitat loss

What has the author Sarwar Uddin Ahmed written?

Sarwar Uddin Ahmed has written: 'Cost-benefit analysis of environmental goods by applying contingent valuation method' -- subject(s): Cost effectiveness, Environmental protection

How have environmental regulations impacted the softwood veneer and plywood industry?

The industry has been challenged by the cost of complying with the growing environmental regulation of indoor pollutants.

What has the author AlbertL Nichols written?

AlbertL Nichols has written: 'Targeting economic incentives for environmental protection' -- subject(s): Cost effectiveness, Environmental policy

What is greatest environmental cost of hydroelectric power?

Destruction of free-running rivers and their ecosystems

What has the author A Myrick Freeman written?

A. Myrick Freeman has written: 'Air and water pollution control' -- subject(s): Cost effectiveness, Air quality management, Environmental policy, Water quality management 'The economics of environmental policy' -- subject(s): Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Environmental law, Economic aspects of Environmental policy, Environmental law, Environmental policy

What are the social and environmental costs and benefits of living on the moon?

wireless access and cost of ship gas

What were some challenges in building an airplane?

Cost safety, running economy, functionality, environmental impact