What is a even degree?

Updated: 12/4/2022
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Q: What is a even degree?
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Can i get a bachelor's degree with a felony?

You can earn a bachelor's degree even if you have a felony.

Is it master degree or master's degree?

Its Master's degree. anywhere you look it will come up Master's even if you type in Master. Also my aunt is a lawyer and I asked her, I even looked it up in the new Collage Webster Dictionary so it is defiantly Master's

Do you need to have a college degree to open a book store?

No. Or even a high school degree.

Is a DVM a doctorate degree or equivalent to a Master's degree?

DVM is a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. It is not a Master's degree. You can get a Masters Degree (or even a PhD) in conjunction with the DVM, but it is not necessary.

Can I still take MyCAA programs even if I already have a degree?

Yes, you can still take any program from MyCAA credited school even if you already have a degree.

Will an AA degree allow you to be commissioned as an officer in the NAVY?

no you need a bachelor's degree. a master's degree or higher is recommended if you want to even get accepted to ocs.

What is the antonym of degree?

an antonoym for degree is not having one at all or not even going to school for one.

Do you neede a degree to be a teacher?

Guess what i dont even know

What degree do you need to be a teacher?

Guess what i dont even know

What is a good bachelor's degree to prepare to become a politician?

A degree in political science. As well maybe even a minor in bussines

What degrees do you need to become a chemist?

A bachelor's degree but if you want to go even farhter with it, you could get a Master degree or your Ph.D

Can you substitute teach with associates degree in Kansas?

NO! I believe you could in the past but Kansas now requires a Bachelors degree even for substitutes.