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Q: What is a factor that scientist keep the same during an experiment?
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What does a scientist need a spreadsheet for?

to keep track of an experiment

What is a manipulating variable?

A manipulative variable is something that you will keep the same.

In an experiment what do you call the factor you always keep the same?

independent and dependant which changes

What is an observation and measurements recorded during an experiment?

The observations and measurements recorded during an experiment are called data. It is important to keep accurate data in order to understand the results of the experiment.

Part of an experiment that does not depend on the variable being observed?

* independent variable:in an experiment there is only one variable and its set by the person carrying out the experiment . * dependent variable: measured in all set ups during the investigation. * controlled variables: are quantities that the scientist wants to keep constant. so , the part of the experiment that does not depend on the variable is the controlled variable.

Why do scientist use the stopwatch?

They use stopwatches because it helps them keep track of amount of time they have been doing the experiment.

Why is it important to keep your work area clean during a science experiment?

Clutter leads to accidents, and accidents can ruin the experiment.

When scientist can't conduct an experiment how do they test their predict?

they keep testing it till they get a conclusion or ask other scientists around the world

What are manipulated variable and responding variable?

the manipulated variable is the part of the experiment that is changed. the dependent variable is the part of the experiment that does not get changed(stays the same throughout the experiment), and the scientist use it to record the data.

How would a scientist use a spreadsheet?

Organization believe it or not some of the smartest people in the world are not very organized.

What is a cotrolled experiment?

It means that except for the independent variable (the only factor that you change) you remain the other variables constant. To keep the control variables the same. Then this is a controlled experiment (fair test). Hope this helps :)

Why must scientist keep data on a experiment?

So that they won't mistakenly repeat experiments and waste time. Not keeping data would prevent us from ever advancing anything.