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i don't really know, that's what i have been searching. i think it depends the subject and the grade the child you are tutoring is in. I would think for a student to tutor a lower class student would cost around 15-25 dollars...

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Q: What is a fair student tutor rate?
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What is the hourly pay rate for a tutor?

it all depends what you tutor and how much you charge,,,math,,,,,,15 an hour,,,,music,,,15,,ussaly 15 but that is kinda pricy,,,but fair i guese I totally disagree with the amount listed above, but I do agree that the price depends. I think it depends on the amount of education the tutor has, the distance the tutor may have to travel to the student, the materials being used for tutoring, the SES of the student's family, etc. You can easily charge at least $50/hour to tutor!

What is the antonym of tutor?

That would probably be... student.

How do you write tutor in a sentence?

"The college student needed advice on her assignment so she asked her tutor."

Can you speak to a tutor?

A tutor is a private instructor who provides special or remedial instruction. I don't see why a tutor's student would not be able to question/speak to the teacher. So the answer is YES... you can speak to a tutor.

When should a student consult their tutor?

The college Graduate Tutor should be consulted about how to approach unresolved problems on the course. If, after consulting the Course supervisor, the matter is not resolved to the student's satisfaction, or if the student is dissatisfied with the support available from these persons.

Is it wrong for a college student to seek help from a peer tutor?


What must an instructor be to a student?

An instructor should be a mentor, teacher, tutor, and facilitator. His role is to teach the student the material.

Top Four Reasons to Get a Math Tutor?

Not every student easily learns math skills, so many people find they need a math tutor to assist them in learning certain mathematical skills, formulas, or computations. Math levels can vary greatly from basic algebra to trigonometry, so finding the right tutor for the job is extremely important. But how does one know when to get a math tutor? There are several situations that can arise that dictate the need for a math tutor. The most obvious reason to get a math tutor is if the student doesn’t understand the material presented in math class. If a student is taking notes from the instructor in the classroom and realizes the information doesn’t make sense, asking questions may help. If orally asking the instructor does not clarify the information, consider getting a tutor who can help explain math in a different way. There are many ways to learn how to solve math problems, so hearing a different voice explain the material may assist the student. Second, if a student receives failing quiz or test grades, a math tutor may be the answer. The tutor can then review the quiz or test problems with the student to help identify the problem areas and correct them. The tutor can also create practice problems for the tutee to complete based on the quiz and test questions. A third reason to get a math tutor is if the student refuses to do homework. The only way to get better at doing math is to practice and complete the practice homework problems the teacher assigns. If a student is not willing to complete the homework, getting a math tutor to sit with the student can help ensure the homework gets done and gets done correctly. Fourth, get a math tutor for a child who is bored in math class. Some students find that math comes easily to them, so they sit through math class bored out of their minds each day. To combat that boredom, find a math tutor for the student who can provide challenging math problems or upper level math computations to keep the student engaged and interested in the subject.

How do you log in Texas web tutor?

id number the letter d then the password is student

Where can one find a French tutor in Mobile Alabama?

I am a french tutor. My rate is $30 per hour. Here is my email:

Why should a student look into a fixed rate student loan?

A student should look into a fixed rate student loan in case the rate is lower than the variable rate. If it is lower, it is best to take the fixed rate. That way, if the variable rate goes up later on, you'll still get that lower, fixed rate.

Are fixed rate student loans harder to get than those that are not fixed?

Fixed rate student loans are not harder to get than variable rate student loans. This is because fixed rate student loans means that everybody knows what is being paid for the duration of the loan.