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a fast time is around 35sec or less but that is at state/national level normally 45 and under ur doing great but 35sec and under is bloody brill

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What is the fastest time for a 12 year old at 50 metrers frontcrawl?

someone has done it 31 secs

How fast is a light year?

A light year is a measure of distance, not time.1 light year = 9.4605284 × 1015 meters

How fast should a 9 year old run the 50 meters dash?

As fast as they can!

How much are light years?

A light year is not a measure of time but a measure of how fast light can move. Which is 299,792,458 meters per second.

Is a 15.1 second 100 meter dash in regular sneakers for an untrained twelve year old considered track team team fast?

A time of 15.1 seconds in the 100 meters for a 12 year old is a good time. It is not considered especially fast, but it is likely as fast or faster than average.

Is 10.58 seconds fast for a sixteen year old boy in the hundred meters?

that's freaky fast

Is it fast to be 13 and run 100 meters in 12.2 seconds?

Yes, it is very fast because the average for a thirteen year-old in 40 meters is about 7 seconds

How fast should a 15 year old boy swim 1500 meters?

I apologize for the last answer. A fifteen year old boy doesn't necessarily need to swim 1500 meters in any amount of time. It really depends on who you are. If you normally swim, then you might be able to do this in a twenty minute time period.

How fast is the great rift valley splitting apart?

5 meters per year

How fast should a 13 year old run 55.1 meters?

18 seconds

How fast should a 5 year old child run 400 meters?

he shouldn't

How fast should a 12 year old girl run 800 meters?

2' 15"

How fast should a 3 year old boy run 100 meters?

faster than me

How fast should a 10 year old run the 100 meters?

probably about 15-20 seconds.

How fast should a 13 year old boy run 100 meters?

Well back when I was 13 a ran a laser timed 6.8 years. But you might not be that fast; cause 6.8 years is pretty fast for a 13 year old!

How fast does the yangzi river runs?

How fast it runs depends on its width and depth and time of year.

How fast is a light year in meters per second?

"Meters per second" is a proper and wonderful unit for speed, but there's no answer to that question, because a 'light-year' is not a speed. It's a distance, defined as the distance that light travels through vacuum in one year. Speed of light in vacuum . . . 299,792,458 meters per second Length of 1 light-year . . . . . 9.4605284 × 1015 meters

What is a fast time for a 9 year old girl in 50 meter sprint race?

A fast time is probably 16 or 17 seconds!:)

How fast does light travel in a year using scientific notation?

In a year, light will travel 9.5 x 1012 km, or 9.5 x 1015 meters.

A part time job for a 15 year old?

fast food

What is a good time for a 40 year old man for 100 meters?


What is the Fastest time in 400 meters by 9 year old girl?


What is the average time for a 10 year old boy in the 400 meters?


What is the fastest time for a twelve year old boy 100 meters?


What is the average speed over 100 meters for a twelve year old girl?

About 16 seconds for a slim semi-fast girl

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