What is a fetus?

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it is the beginning of a baby growing in the mother's womb

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Fetus is the term for a developing animal between the embryonic stage and birth. A human fetus is between eight weeks post-conception to birth.

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The unborn young of a viviparous animal after it has taken form in the uterus

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Q: What is a fetus?
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What is the possessive form of fetus?

The possessive form of fetus is fetus' or fetus's

What is a fetus called before it becomes a fetus?

its called an embryo before it becomes a fetus

What is the name of an unborn cow?

Fetal calf, fetus, fetus calf, or cow fetus.

Do fetus have kidneys?

Yes fetus has kidneys

Where does a fetus get food before birth?


Is the heart rate of a female fetus higher the a male fetus?

ANYWAY here is the answer...THE FEMALE FETUS.

What kills a fetus?

there are some factors that kills the fetus for example a fetus dies just because on the womb of the mother the umbilical cord coils on the fetus neck.

What kingdom do fetus belong to?

The same kingdom the animal the fetus will be when it's born, is the kingdom the fetus itself belongs to. A cat fetus is in the Felidae kingdom, for instance.

What is the role of the uterus in the development of the fetus and the placenta?

The uterus is where the fetus develops and the placenta connects the uterus to the fetus.

When can a fetus survive?

the earliest poit at which the fetus can survive

Does the fetus urinate in the womb?

No. But, the mother secretes that of the fetus and her.

An organ that nourishes the fetus?

The placenta nourishes the fetus.

Are all fetus female?

no there are male and female fetus.

Where does the fetus normally develop?

The fetus develops in the uterus.

What do you mean about fetus?

A fetus is a incomplete baby .... not sure !

What is fate in a fetus?

The fate of most fetus is to be born and become humans, or other life forms that start out as a fetus.

Is a fetus still a fetus after 16 weeks?

A fetus is a fetus until it is born at which time the umbilical is cut and it becomes a child. An other argument is that the foetus ceases to be a fetus at the time it is a viable human being and can live without the mothers support.

How far from the fetus is the yolk sac?

the fetus is in the yolk sac

Can you describe the fetus within 6weeks pregnant?

describe the fetus

When is it evident that a human fetus can respond to music?

when the fetus kicks

Toxins can enter the fetus by?

blood flow from the mother to the fetus

Can sperm delete a fetus?

A sperm cannot get rid of a fetus.

What is the communication organ between a pregnant woman and an fetus are?


Can codeine harm an unborn fetus?

can codeine effect the fetus

What is the effect of prohibited drugs to fetus?

What is the effect of drugs to fetus