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The figurehead is what is called the figure on the prow of a ship.

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Q: What is a figurehead?
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Who is the figurehead for Islam?

The figurehead of a purley Islamic state is know as Caliph(Arabic:خليفة).

Who is the figurehead of Canada?

The figurehead of the Canadian government is HM Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada.

Where is the figurehead on a ship?

The figurehead is at the sharp end of a ship and could be described as the corporate icon of the age of sail. The figurehead itself is usually a 'from the waist up' carving of a woman or mythical creature

Does black pearl have a figurehead?

yes, the figurehead of the black pearl is a lady holding a dove that is about to fly away.

What are the release dates for The Figurehead - 1920?

The Figurehead - 1920 was released on: USA: 14 June 1920

Did the RMS Titanic have a figurehead?


Who is the figurehead of Christianity?


In an unconstrained environment where some or all of the captives have not been identified as military by their captors how might the chain of command be established and run?

Select a figurehead as a figurehead as SRO.Select a figurehead SRO

Why are people willing to worship figurehead leaders in the maze runner?

why are the people willing to worship figurehead leaders in the maze runner

Mascot of a ship?

This is known as the 'figurehead'.

Is a role of the president?

the president is a figurehead.

What does the slang term fall guy mean?

It Is usually a figurehead in an organization, in the event that anything goes wrong, the figurehead is the first one to be blamed.

Why is the president's position called a figurehead?

The position of the president is,however,mainly that of a figurehead because he or she is bound by the constitution to follow the advice of the prime minister

What is the symbolic head of the nation known as?

The figurehead.

What is the name of woodcarving at the front of a boat?

A figurehead.

What is the name of a figure on the front of a ship?


What is the carving on the front of a pirate ship?


Example of figurehead role?

figurehead role isengage in activities that are ceremonial and symbolic in nature; as a symbol of legal authority, attending ceremonies, signing documents, etc.

Who is the figurehead for Hinduism?

Hinduism has not one single "figurehead" like Christianity or Buddhism. It has a number of principal Gods: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Krishna among others.

What is the Person called attached to the front of a ship?

The Figurehead

What is The figure on the bow of a ship called?

It is called the figurehead.

What is the term for a Person in charge in name only?


What is the King of France's responsibilities in New France?


What is the statue on the front of a pirate ship called?

a figurehead.

Does the Queen of England hold absolute power or is she just a figurehead?

She is basically just a figurehead. Her very limited powers are mainly ceremonial (Like opening parliament etc.)