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What is a flight regime?

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What is Saddam Hussein's regime?

His regime was a dictatorship.

What is a sentence for regime?

The dictator's regime is about to come crumbling down.His regime was a brutal and bloody one.

What type of regime does Argentina have?

Argentina has a democratic regime.

How were the Tokugawa removed?

The Tokugawa regime was removed by the Meiji regime.

Use regime in a sentence?

My regime consists of fruit and vegetables

What is an antonym for regime?

I need an antonym for regime any help?

What is a sentence with the word regime?

The horrific regime has come to an end.Queen Victoria's regime is arguably one of the best in world history, let alone British history.The new leader promised a better regime will follow.He has a daily regime.

How can you use the word regime in a sentence?

The North Korean regime was brought to a swift end by the rebellion.The regime in Britain was a glorious one.He decided to begin a new exercise regime.

What is Israels nickname?

The apartheid regime, The occupying regime, Occupied Palestine,

How many syllables does regime have?

Regime has two syllables. Reg-ime.

In 1986 how was the Marcos regime seen by thefilipino people?

In 1986 how was the marcos regime seen by thefilipino people?" In 1986 how was the marcos regime seen by thefilipino people?" In 1986 how was the marcos regime seen by thefilipino people?"

Flow regime refers to?

A regime flow is for transporting the sediment particals to get rid

What is the definition of the word regime?

A regime is "a mode or system of rule or government" or "the priod during which a particular ruling system is in power".

Is North Korea a socialist regime?

officialy, the regime is called socialist. In fact, the regime doesn't have anything to do with socialism anymore. N.Korea is ruled by a totalitarian dictatorship.

Could you give me a sentence for regime?

They stood to lose everything under a Communist regime.

What was Adolf Hitler's regime called?

Adolf Hitler's regime was called the Third Reich.

What does the word Regimes mean?

. A form of government: a fascist regimeA Regime is a group which is in power.

What are the Esperanto words for regime and regimen?

The Esperanto words for regime and regimen are both reĝimo.

Was there constitutionalism under Stalin regime?

No. He was a dictator that killed millions of people under his regime.

What are the police force during the spanish regime?

what are the police forces organized during the spanish regime

When was New Regime - band - created?

New Regime - band - was created in 1983.

Who were the first Europeans to establish a regime in Africa South of the Sahara?

The 1st Europeans to establish a regime, in Africa south of the Sahara, were the English. England established a regime in South Africa.

What is Divertless Supersonic Intakes?

Divertless Supersonic Intakes (DSI) is an air intake that was designed for supersonic flight regime, so the plane doesn´t need to have any variable-geometry airintake, that´s why it is called DSI. In supersoniv flight regime, it is hard for an airplane to turn, especially kulbit. In order to gain airflow to the engine, most fighters uses variable-geometry air intakes, or moving air intakes that we could found in F-22, or Su-27, or MiG-29, or any other fighters. Fighter such like F-35 doesn´t need any moving parts because it uses DSI. DSI automatically gain airflow to the engine in supersonic flight regime. I hope it helps, have a nice day!

What are the changes in the Philippines during Japanese regime?

The Philippines operated as a "puppet" regime under Japanese Occupation.

How many years did the French regime last in new France?

the french regime lasted from 1608 to 1759

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