What is a focal character?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: What is a focal character?
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Who was the focal character in the story?

In a literary work the focal character is usually the main protagonist of the story, however, if the focal character is not the protagonist then he/she is the focal point, the person that the reader is to focus on and to which the story revolves around. One famous example of a focal character would be in F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" in which the main protagonist is Nick Carraway in which the story is seen through his prospective, however the focus of the story is on the titular character, Jay Gatsby.

What is a sentence with the word focal?

Wide-angle lenses have a short focal length. The focal character of my short story is a ten-year-old boy.

Who is the protagonist in Star Wars 5?

The main focal character in episodes four through six of Star Wars is Luke Skywalker, although there are many other important characters. In the prequels, episodes one through three, the main focal character is Anakin Skywalker, father of Luke.

What is Focal point in urban design?

These are buildings and features that contribute to the City's unique character and/or are important local or regional destinations.

Can Cleopatra be use as a story book character?

Of course. Ands she has been used as a character in numerous books ranging from kiddie lit to adult lit. Plays and historical essays have been written using Cleopatra as a character or focal person.

What is a focal mass?

A focal mass is a neoplasm in a limited space. The opposite of focal is generalized.

What is the prefix for focal?

the prefix for focal is infocals

What is defined as the distance between a lens and its focal point?

focal length of the lens

Carnaval d'hiver' what is the name of the king?

if you're talking about the Quebec Winter Carnival, the main character which is the focal point is named Bonhomme (Good Man)

What is the focal point in a composition in art called?

In art a composition's focal point is actually called the focal point. There may be multiple focal points, in which case the main one is the focal point and the others are secondary focal points. You can recognize the focal point because it is somehow set apart from the rest of the composition.

How does the focal plane change as you change magnification?

It does not. For an explanation of "focal plane" see the question What is the focal plane?

How does the focal plane change as you change the magnification?

It does not. For an explanation of "focal plane" see the question What is the focal plane?