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Funds of Funds

A fund of funds represents a mutual fund that invests in other mutual funds. One of the best examples of this type of investment style is the target date fund.

These types of funds are designed to provide a broad based diversification. In target date funds, the portfolio of underlying funds allows the fund manager to shift investments as the fund nears its target date. In a target date fund, a date in the future is selected by the investor that often relates to the year in which they would like to retire. The fund manager shifts the portfolio from aggressive investments to more conservative ones over time.

There are certain things an investor should consider before investing in this type of fund. One, the cost of owning these funds may be higher. These additional fees can be found in the prospectus under "Acquired fund fees and expenses" and should be added into the other fees the fund charges. Two, you must rely on the fund manager to achieve the diversity you want and allocate the assets accordingly. Three, these types of investments may be focused on matching the comparable benchmark rather than beating it.

Carefully read the prospectus before investing, understand your risk tolerance and consider other opportunities such as index funds to meet your goals.

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Q: What is a fund of funds?
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Name different categories of funds?

Some fund categories are: * Equity funds * Debt funds * Hedge funds * Fund of funds etc...

Do fund of funds raise money?

A Fund of Fund is a Mutual Fund where the fund manager does not buy individual stocks. Instead he buys mutual funds of a particular type. Maybe Equity Oriented Funds or Debt Oriented Funds etc. When the Fund of Fund starts an IPO, they raise money from investors and then begin investing money in the various fund schemes

Can you draw funds from a Mutal Fund?

If it is an open ended mutual fund - Yes, you can draw the funds

What is a fund of hedge fund?

It is a fund that invests in a portfolio of hedge funds.

A fund of funds which invests in other offshore funds?

Master funds

How does a hedge fund differ from a fund of funds?

A hedge fund is an investment vehicle that can invest in equities, bonds, commodities, currencies, optiones, futures, and non-traded companies, among other instruments. A fund of funds is an investment vehicle that invests in a portfolio of hedge funds (or other funds).

What is an equity fund in a mutual fund?

A mutual fund which invests a minimum of 65% of its fund corpus in equity and equity related instruments is known as equity mutual fund. As in the case of other mutual funds, equity funds also carry risks as they investment in the stock market. However, they also ensure high returns. Equity funds are of different types such as Index Funds, Sector Funds, and Diversified Equity Funds.

Is it funds are or funds is needed urgently?

Fund are needed urgently.

What are the Indian mutual funds?

There are atleast 18 types of mutual funds available in India 1. Equity Diversified Funds 2. Equity Midcap Funds 3. Equity Infrastructure Funds 4. Equity Banking Funds 5. Equity Pharma Funds 6. Equity FMCG Funds 7. Equity Technology Funds (IT) 8. Arbitrage Funds 9. Equity Index Funds 10. Balanced Funds 11. Monthly Income Plans 12. Debt Funds 13. Liquid Funds 14. Income Funds 15. GILT Funds 16. Gold ETFs 17. Fund of Funds - Equity Oriented 18. Fund of Funds - Debt Oriented These funds are offered by fund houses like HDFC Mutual Fund, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund etc

How many fund available in mutual fund?

In India, there are 18 Mutual Fund (AMC) companies. They have been variety of products in open / closed end schemes. it all based on AMC's. On a whole, those funds can be broadly categorized into the following categoriesThe Different Mutual Fund Categories in India are:1. Equity Diversified Funds2. Equity Midcap Funds3. Equity Infrastructure Funds4. Equity Banking Funds5. Equity Pharma Funds6. Equity FMCG Funds7. Equity Technology Funds (IT)8. Arbitrage Funds9. Equity Index Funds10. Balanced Funds11. Monthly Income Plans12. Debt Funds13. Liquid Funds14. Income Funds15. GILT Funds16. Gold ETFs17. Fund of Funds - Equity Oriented18. Fund of Funds - Debt Oriented

What is the difference between source of funds and sources of funds?

sources of fund means from where the capital we are getting & source of fund means how we can get the capital.

What are mutual fund shares?

Mutual fund shares are stocks of mutual funds, fractions of mutual funds just as companies have shares.

What type of investment is a fund of funds?

An investment that is a fund of funds relies on the ability of the customer as well as the supplier to contribute to the fund. This combination results in a very strong joint investment.

How do fund of funds classify?

Mutual Funds are classified as * Equity Mutual Funds * Equity Diversified Funds * Equity Linked Savings Schemes * Large Cap funds * Mid cap funds * Small cap funds * Contra Funds * Sectoral Funds * Thematic Funds * etc... * Debt Mutual Funds * Bond Mutual Funds * Hedge Funds * Fund of Funds * etc...

How does hedge fund differs from mutual fund?

Hedge funds and mutual funds are both managed portfolio in which securities are picked by a fund manager. However hedge funds are more aggressively managed as compared to the mutual fund. They can take speculative positions in the derivative securities .Hedge funds also differs from mutual fund in their availability, they are available to only specific investors .There are many investment companies that invest in hedge fund and mutual fund of which Reliance mutual fund is one of the good one.

Are there any different kinds of mutual funds?

Yes, there are many different kinds of mutual funds. They are:Equity DiversifiedEquity tax savingEquity BalancedContraHedge fundsGilt fundsBond fundsIncome fundsFund of FundsExchange traded fundetc.

Do you have Contra Funds in India?

Some of the leading Contra Funds available for us to invest are: 1. ING Contra Fund 2. Kotak Contra Fund 3. L & T Contra Fund 4. SBI Magnum Sector Funds Umbrella - Contra 5. TATA Contra Fund 6. UTI Contra Fund and 7. Religare Contra Fund

What are some equity oriented fund of funds in India?

A Fund of Fund is a Mutual Fund where the fund manager does not buy individual stocks. Instead he buys mutual funds of a particular type. In this case, Equity Oriented Mutual Funds.Example:a. Quantum Equity FOFb. Kotak Equity FOFc. Principal Global Opportunities Fundd. etc

What is the plural of trust funds?

Trust Funds, is the plural of trust fund. "Trust funds" is already plural.

What is mutual fund and its type?

A Mutual Fund is an investment instrument wherein a capable and experienced fund manager would pool in money from investors and invest in the stock market on their behalf and share the profit with the investors. There are many varieties of mutual funds which include:Equity fundsDebt fundsMoney market fundsExchange Traded fundsMonthly Income PlansHedge FundsContra funds etc

How many mutual fund scheme are there in India?

There are numerous Mutual Fund Companies in India. Some of the prominent ones are:ICICI Prudential Mutual FundsHDFC Mutual FundsSBI Mutual FundsPrincipal Mutual FundsDSP Black Rock Mutual FundsReligare Asset ManagementReliance Mutual Fundetc

Are open-end funds the same as mutual funds?

Often referred to as the mutual fund industry, the open-end fund industry comprises about 95 percent of the mutual fund market

Who is fund manager NTPC ipo?

Stocks and IPOs do not have fund managers. Only mutual funds have fund managers.

Who is the number one mutual fund company in India?

No one fund house can claim to be the number one fund company in India. The top few fund houses could be either of the below 3 fund houses: 1. SBI Magnum Mutual Funds 2. HDFC Mutual Funds 3. ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds

How do mutual fund and hedge fund investments differ?

Mutual funds are only different from hedge funds in that they are purchased completely up front whereas hedge funds are paid for over time.