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Q: What is a general definition of refrigerant is?
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What is the purpose of air con refrigerant definition?

Refrigerant is the material that absorbs heat when evaporating and releases heat when condensing. If not for refrigerant in the system, it would not function. Before refrigerant, other more dangerous gases were used to achieve the same goal, such as propane.

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What were chlorofluorocarbons first used as a refrigerant?

In the 1930s General Motors' Frigidaire company developed the first use of chlorofluorocarbons as a refrigerant. This technology became the standard for decades and essentially eliminated the danger of fire and poisoning

What does refrigerant compatibility mean not what it is?

Refrigerant compaticilty is about suiting the refrigerant to your refrigerant system. Every cooling system has refrigerant in it which depends on the type of system you use. If the refrigerant not matches with your system, it wont work. This is refrigerant compatibility.

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