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The girls 'cherry' is called a hymen, it is basically just flesh inside of the vagina that usually doesnt rip or 'pop' till sex, a trip to the doctor, or birth. It can rip by just moving around a lot like playing soccer or something as well... not exactly sure how but yeah.

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Q: What is a girls cherry?
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Where is a girls cherry?

a girls cherry is her vagina

What does a girls cherry look like?

Girls do not have a cherry, a cherry is a type of fruit not a part of a girls anatomy. If you want to know about a certain part of the female anatomy first learn to what the anatomy is called.

Who are cherry and marcia?

cherry and marcia are the girls the greasers found in the vacant lot...

Does a girls cherry always pop?


Is it painful when a girls cherry pops?


Do girls bleed when their cherry is popped?

Not all girls bleed when they lose their virginity. Some girls can pop their cherry by playing sports or using tampons. Remember every girl is different.

What is girls cherry?

Well when a girl ls on a farm sometimes they will grow fruit Trees. One specifically being a cherry tree. They would be the girls cherries.

The outsiders who are cherry and marcia?

the two girls that are part of the Soc's. Ponyboy ends up liking Cherry.

What is it called when you pop the girls cherry?

It means you broke the girls hymen and she is not a virgin anymore

What does poping a cherry mean?

It means a girls virgnity

Does every girls cherry pop?

Wow ya

Who were the Cherry Girls in reality?

The Cherry Girls is a online lesbian entertainment, news, and culture magazine company. Their site is dedicated to lesbians and gays from all around the world.

Can a vibrater pop a girls cherry?

Yes it can - you are technically not a virgin if you have used a tampon. Therefore a tampon can 'pop your cherry'.

What are the names of the girls in The Outsiders?

The girls in The Outsiders were Sherri, or Cherry, and Marcia. Cherry was the one Dally tried picking up and Marcia was the other one Two-Bit was flirting with.

Why do girls have a cherry?

They just do like have guys have a banana :p

What is it called when you pop a girls cherry?

A term for losing virginity

Does horse back riding pop a girls cherry?


Describe the girls Ponyboy meet at the movies?

Pony and Two-Bit meet two pretty girls named Cherry and Marcia. Cherry is a redhead with green eyes and Marcia has dark hair.

How does a boy pop a girls cherry?

By breaking her hymen which is intact to her vagina.

Can a 2 inch penis pop a girls cherry?

A midget's, maybe.

What color lipstick did 50s girls wear?

Usually cherry-red.

Who are cherry and marcia from the outsiders?

Cherry and Marcia are 2 soc girls who are or were dating Bob, and Randy. The girls both get caught hanging out with the greasers (Two-Bit, Johnnycakes and Pony), which enrages Bob and Randy.

Who are cherry and marcia in the book the outsiders?

Cherry and Marcia are two Soc girls that Ponyboy and Johnny meet at the movie theaters. Cherry and Marcia compete in the rodeo, go to the same high school as Ponyboy, and Cherry is Bob's girlfriend.

Do all girls have a cherry to pop?

By 'Cherry' you mean the hymen. Yes all girls have this. It is usually broken through sexual intercourse, but i can also happen if the girl plays alot of sport, or if the girl uses Tampons.

Does it hurt when a girls cherry pops?

No really. It's just kind of surprising.

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