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What is a gold medallion signature gaurantee?


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Gold medallion signature guaranteeA gold medallion signature guarantee is a method of proving that a signature is valid. It is somewhat like getting your signature notarized, except that there are fewer places that can give a medallion signature guarantee and the liability (if the signature turns out to be invalid) of the institution giving the guarantee is greater than for a notary.

If you need to get a medallion signature guarantee to validate your own signature, many banks and securities firms offer the service.

You can try your Federal Credit Union, if you are a member of one, that is where I got mine. Be prepared for the process to take a bit longer than an ordinary notarization.

Medallion signature guarantees are normally only available at banks, you must have a signature card on file with the bank in order for the signature to be verified.


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Branch managers at most Wells Fargo Bank locations can do a Medallion Signature Guarantee.

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Wells Fargo Bank offers a Medallion signature guarantee.

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Most banks will provide a signature guarantee. Also most locations where there is a notary.

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