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Most culinary colleges are open acceptance, meaning all you have to do is pass a basic education test and be able to pay.


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The best Culinary Institute in the United States would be the NYC Institute of Culinary Education. There is also a Texas and California one which are very good as well.

The Best culinary schools in the US include institute of culinary education in NYC, texas culinary academy, california culinary academy, and culinary institue at Hyde Park.

There are a number of highly respected culinary schools in United States. Some of these include the Institute of Culinary Education (NYC), the Texas Culinary Academy, and Kendall College School of Culinary Arts.

You can get a hotel management degree OR a culinary degree. There is no such thing as Vegetarian Hotel Management. Culinary Institute of America is the best bet in the US. You can concentrate on vegetarian cooking there.

Yes. I am currently taking a course with US Career Institute and I am pleased with the school. The course material is thorough and well written.

75% in the US is a 2.00 GPA

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Approximately 600 as per the data available on the internet. I included a link to the culinary schools in the US organized by state and city.

Check with the BBB They are a member of the BBB. Excellent Record.

To continue masters in the US a GPA of about 2.000 is usually expected.

Johnson and Wales offers degrees in criminal justice AND culinary arts.

U.S. Career Institute was created in 1981.

A cumulative GPA of 2.00 is the requirement in order to continue PHD especially in the US.

A GPA of 4/5 should get you a scholarship in US, so get it and come with your GRE or GMAT.

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A-School for Culinary Specialists is currently located at Naval Station Great Lakes, located in Illinois. The same location as US Navy basic training.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford, California Institute of Technology

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