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It varies depending on the unviersity. Most university websites will offer some type of range. For example, the mean average range for Harvard applicants is between 1400 and 1580 (almost a perfect score). However, the average for Arizona State University (which also has some excellent and nationally ranked colleges) is between 990 and 1230. The national average was recalibrated in the late 1990's to again be 1000 (500 for verbal and 500 for math), with a perfect score being 1600. The College Board, who writes the SAT I and subject tests, provides a site where you can look up the averages for your school of choice. Below is a link to that site: On a more personal note, I went to one of the most competitive private high schools in the country (the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy) and I saw FAR too many of my friends and classmates have meltdowns because of these tests. Colleges these days look at so much more than just your SAT I scores. I wouldn't devote too much of my time to perfecting my scores on these tests. That doesn't mean don't study, but I think the research has shown that you can only bring your score up so much with intense preparation--it kind of planes off. After all, it's supposed to be a test that measures innate reasoning and represent your cumulative thirteen years of primary and high school education. In fact, I got a 1470 on it, and, at the time, I thought I was doomed, as I was applying to Ivy League schools and thought it wouldn't make me "stand out" enough. Your time would be much better spent making your college applications attractive in other ways--e.g. writing a good resume of your activities, honors and awards, perfecting your essays, working on recommendation letters with teachers, participating in new things to put on your resume, and even taking some other exams that colleges will accept to either make you stand out more or even for class credit (in my opinion, the credit is the most valuable). These exams include SAT II subject tests (I was good at writing, which isn't tested on the SAT I, and I took that subject test and I got a PERFECT SCORE--think about sending that to a college!), CLEP tests, and AP tests. I ended up with a FULL SCHOLARSHIP, and I didn't have a perfect SAT score. Just work on showing what your strengths are, because that is what schools really want to know. By the way, I now work for a Universty as a senior staff member, so I can say this with some certainty.

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Q: What is a good SAT score for an American University?
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What sat score is needed to get into University of Binghamton?

its binghamton university chief. and your gonna need a good sat score. I'd say a 1900+

What is the SAT score to be accepted to Cedarville University?

For most colleges and universities 1400 SAT score is considered a good score for admissions.

Is 1560 a good sat score?

It's good enough for a state university. I got the same score by the way.

Is 950 a good SAT score?

No 950 is not a very good SAT score. The average combined score on the SAT score is 1500.

What are the requirements to get into a good University?

Start with a good OP or SAT score of around 10-1 (OP) 80+ (SAT) to have a chance at getting in.

What is the SAT score needed to get in Xavier?

the sat score you need to get into xavier university is a 4.12 or a 5.21

Is west chester university a good college?

what SAT score do you need to get into west chester

What is the SAT score required to get into Francis Marion University?

What is the required SAT score to attend Francis Marion?

What is the minimum SAT or ACT score needed Ohio dominican University?

An ACT score of about 35-36 is needed to get in to Ohio Dominican University. A SAT score of about 600 is needed to get in to Ohio Dominican University.

What SAT score do you need for University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill?

If you would like to get in to university of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, it would be good to keep your average GPA score above 3 and You need a Average SAT math score 1302

Is 2700 a good score for the SAT?

A score of 2700 is not possible on the SAT. The highest score you can get is a 2400.

What is required SAT score to get into Pepperdine University?

the score is at least 1,290

What is the sat score required to get in to university of Pennsylvania?

its a really high score!!

What is the SAT score required to get into Florida International University?

The minimum Sat score for the fall semester at Florida International University is 1400. If attending during the spring or summer semesters, you need a Sat score of 1530-1550.

What score i need on the SAT test for graduation?

The SAT is not used for graduation, but for university entrance. To get into a top university you need a score of at least 1400 or above.

What is the required sat score to get into the University of Massachusetts Amherst?

The average sat score to get into umass amherst is about an 1100 last year the average sat score of applicants was an 1142

What are the SAT score requirements for Washington State University?

There are no specific SAT requirements for Washington State University. In 2013, the average SAT score of all three sections combined was 1450.

What are sat score averages for admission to univerity of Texas Austin?

What is the SAT score to get admission to University of Texas in Austin

What SAT score in math do you need to get in West Virginia university?

According to, the lowest SAT I math score that West Virginia University accepts is a 480.

You got gre a score of 1650 can you get into st johns university for ms or phd in pharmaceutical sciences?

from a range of 1500 -2400 is a good sat score for st johns university

What is the SAT score required to get into Mississippi State University?

The minimum SAT score required to gain admission to Mississippi State University is 770. An ACT score of 16 or higher is also required.

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Check the statistics for accepted/enrolled college freshmen SAT average score

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study hard

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